sellpluginspoponscrollYou’re a blog visitor and you’ve read all the way down to the end of the post, now what do you do? You could sign up to the email list, possibly leave a comment or click on an ad but more often than not you leave the whole site. Why? Because so many of us are becoming blind to what we see on a blog. Plugin Mill has an idea on how to grab that attention and keep your readers there. It’s called Pop On Scroll and it’s a brand new WordPress Plugin with PLR rights.

This plugin scrolls from the bottom right of the page so it doesn’t block your post. You can create the content you want in any format you like. It lets you create any number of pop up ads, change colors, images, backgrounds, borders, set default or custom ads, set custom cookie duration, override default settings and more. It really is a full, customizable WordPress Plugin.

Just think about what this Pop On Scroll WordPress PLR Plugin can do for your site. It will help you keep your readers engaged, promote products, promote specials, announce webinars, bring attentions to your announcements and so much more. If you can use this one head on over and pick it up and start grabbing your reader’s attention!