Get Immediate Access to All This Health and Wellness PLR

I wanted to tell you about a special PLR offer that Jennifer Andersen from Health & Wellness PLR has. She is offering a Lifetime Membership to her PLR store, which gives you access to all her current and future health, wellness and more PLR. This Get Immediate Access to All This Health and Wellness PLR is only available for a limited time so don’t wait if you have any interest in it at all.

The Lifetime Membership gets you instant access to all the PLR in her store. She covers natural, medical, and mental health topics and more. She uploads regularly, writes her own PLR, and has also included all of her full-content funnels in the membership as well. She currently has over $1,000 worth of PLR in the store, and continues adding new content multiple times per week making this a deal you can’t pass up.

When you purchase the Lifetime Membership, you will get access to topics such as:

• Low-Carb PLRGet Immediate Access to All This Health and Wellness PLR
• Essential Oils
• Infused Water
• Holistic Health
• Keto
• Paleo
• Family Health
• Diet
• Weight Loss
• Fitness
• Health Tips
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Depression
• And So Much More….

She’s offering this Lifetime Membership at a $150 savings but only for the next few days. Remember that the membership won’t be available again once this deal ends, so this is your only chance to grab it. It’s a perfect way to make sure you have all the content you need. There’s nothing like being able to Get Immediate Access to All This Health and Wellness PLR whenever you need it.

Jennifer has quality PLR in a large variety of topics and formats that will meet any need. Again, she adds packs weekly, sometimes 2 to 3 packs per week. In fact, she’s adding a new pack every day of this sale. She also carries a lot of healthy holiday PLR which is something many of us need for our affiliate sites.

New Packs Include:Get Immediate Access to All This Health and Wellness PLR

Day 1: Self Care for Stress Relief – 10 pack of PLR articles
Day 2: Healing Herbal Tea – 5-Page PLR Report + report cover
Day 3: Natural Menopause Remedies – 10 pack of PLR articles
Day 4: Paleo Spring – PLR Bundle – 20 pages + 15 social media graphics
Day 5: Hiking for Weight Loss – 10 pack of PLR Articles
Day 6: Kids With Anxiety – 5 pack of PLR articles
Day 7: Flat Belly Vegetables – 5-Page Report + report cover

If you aren’t sure about taking this plunge go over to the Health and Wellness site and grab her FREE PLR. Take some time to check it out (not too much time though or you’ll miss this deal) and then make your decision. I have several her packs and I love them!

If you need content, want to save yourself a lot of time and even more money then go now and check this Lifetime Membership deal out. Remember this membership will you Get Immediate Access to All This Health and Wellness PLR at $150 off the regular price. Go see it and I think you’ll agree that it’s well worth diving into.

It amazes me how many different topics PLR covers. There’s something out there that just about anyone can use. This post proves it LOL. We are going to tell you about a huge variety today. In fact, we are going to cover some New Health, Holiday, Kids Crafts, Food and Pet PLR all in this one post.

The first New Health, Holiday, Kids Crafts, Food and Pet PLR package comes from Alph Media. There are actually 3 different ones we want you to know about. They cover 3 very popular subjects-delicious salads, crafts for kids and pets.

I think the salad package is pretty cool. It’s 5 video recipes about creating some rather tasty and healthy salads. Here’s a list of the salads along with the length of each video:

New Health, Holiday, Kids Crafts, Pets and Food PLR
• Baked Potato Salad Length = 01:10
• Chinese Cabbage Salad with Corn Length = 00:54
• Fresh Corn Salsa Length = 00:41
• Middle Eastern Rice Salad Length = 01:13
• Tabouli Salad Length = 01:16


The total run time for all 5 videos is 5 minutes 15 seconds. They come in HD MP4 format and were produced in a professional recording studio. You can use these Salad Recipe Videos to grow your social media audience or add links to them to drive people to your website or blog.

The Kids Crafts are really cute and parents will love these. It contains 12 different tutorials making it easy for parents and children to create these fun crafts. The tutorials cover a pencil topper, binoculars, a fairy wand, a doll shoulder bag, chopstick launcher, a piggy bank, a desk box and more. They include step by step instructions making them all simple to create.

Pet care is also very popular and this package is all about Dog Care. it includes 5 step by step tutorials that will help your readers with their precious fur babies’ feet, nails, appetite, natural stain removers and more. All useful information for those who are looking for more organic and natural ways to help their pets.

Next, we have a holiday PLR package from Health and Wellness. She’s done a fantastic job of covering holidays with her PLR and this time she has a nice 5-page report covering how to have a healthy Easter.

The Report Covers:New Health, Holiday, Kids Crafts, Pets and Food PLR

• Filling Easter Baskets With Healthier Options
• Tips for Eliminating Chocolate and Sweets
• Filling Eggs With Something Other Than Candy
• Fixing a Healthier Easter Dinner
• And more…


You can grab this Healthy Easter PLR for just $5. It’s just in time for you to brand and get out to your own readers before the big Easter weekend arrives.

The last New Health, Holiday, Kids Crafts, Food and Pet PLR comes from Whole Foods. It’s perfect for your readers who are trying to lose weight in a healthier way.

This Plant Based Weight Loss package contains articles, a report, an opt in page, PowerPoint slides, webinar speaking points, a webinar handout and more.

The Articles Cover:

• Whole Foods High in ProteinNew Health, Holiday, Kids Crafts, Pets and Food PLR
• How a Plant Based Diet Leads to Weight Loss
• How to Read Whole Food Labels
• Is It Okay for Children
• Skipping Oils
• What Organic Really Means
• What Processed Foods Really Are
• Tips for Starting This Type of Diet
• And More….

This is a great pack for those of you who want to help your readers lose weight in a healthier way. Plus, with all the content you’ll be able to create several products quickly making your profits higher and faster.

There’s a lot of great content here and we wanted to make sure you knew about all of it. I hope you find something in this New Health, Holiday, Kids Crafts, Food and Pet PLR post that you can use to help your readers, promote your website and/or create an income from. Go check these out and grab the packs you need.

New Business PLR You Shouldn’t Be Without

If you have an online business you know that there are many tools out there that can help. We all can use help growing our business and those who are new to this type of life need help getting started. That’s what these PLR deals can do-help! Here are 3 New Business PLR packages that we think your own customers may be very interested in.

New Business PLRThe first one comes from one of our favorite suppliers, Coach Glue. Yes, they help coaches but they also help anyone who is trying to build a successful online business. This week they released a new Telesummit Planner.

Telesummits are a great way to grow a business. They help with communication, list building and more. They are easy to do and can be a lot of fun.

This Telesummit Planner PLR is a step-by-step planner filled with everything we need to know to create a successful telesummit. It covers the theme, style, format, inviting your guests, scheduling, tools, technology, funnels, promotions and more. Each step also includes an exercise that walks you through the whole process.

You can grab this planner right now for just $19. That’s a steal if you need this type of information to help your own customers or even for yourself.

The second New Business PLR package comes from Buy PLR Today. I don’t know if any of you have heard of Slide Share. I hadn’t until I saw this PLR. I’m going to check it out to see exactly what it’s all about and whether it can help me with my business. If it will I’ll be purchasing this package for myself to learn from and to use on Biz Nuz Buzz.

In this PLR, you’ll get all the information you and your readers need to use Slide Share to grow your blog and website traffic. Sue has included a main report with eCovers, Power Point slides, video and a video template complete with animations and music.

The Report Covers:New Business PLR

• Getting Started
• The Dashboard
• What to Share
• Tips for Sharing
• And more…

From what I saw on her sales page this Slide Share PLR would be perfect for anyone who is struggling with understanding and using it. I think it’s well worth the low price she is asking for it.

New Business PLRThe last New Business PLR package comes from another one of our favorite business PLR suppliers, Content Sparks. It covers content visibility boosters and contains tactics to help your customers get their content out there in front of their own audience.

Sharyn always fills her packages full of great content in several different formats and this one is definitely fits the bill. She’s included a course book, workbook, checklist and more. She’s also making it easy for you to package up and sell. She’s added graphics, a slide show, social media posts and more.

If you act fast you can grab this whole Content Visual Booster PLR for 50% off the regular price. It’s really a pretty good deal especially with all the content you get.

As you can see there’s a lot of great new business PLR out there that you shouldn’t be without. If you cater to those who have an online business or are trying to start an online business, then you should check out these New Business PLR packages today.

Hey everyone. First I want to apologize to all of you for all the craziness with this site over the past few weeks. It’s been up and down and up and down and for that I’m extremely sorry. I’m not very techy so it’s taken me a lot of time to finally figure out what all the issues were. We were hacked and I have learned a lot about fixing a site after a hacker has enjoyed their day. Please know that I was working diligently to bring it back to life and hopefully we won’t experience that ever again. Thank you all for being so understanding and patient with me while I figured this all out. Now on to business LOL. Today we have a great pack from Piggy Makes Bank. It’s a Healthy, Nutritional and Inexpensive Bone Broth PLR pack and you can grab it at discount if you act NOW!

There’s been a lot of talk about bone broth and health lately. People on a low carb diet, Paleo diet, those looking for a healthier way to eat, lose weight and more are giving this one little dish a try. Yes, this Broth is healthy and nutritional but it’s also a simple, inexpensive dish to create.

With this Healthy, Nutritional and Inexpensive Bone Broth PLR you can show your customers how to make it, tips on how to create a tasty dish, ways to incorporate it into their meals and much more.

This bundle includes 10 PLR articles, auto responder emails, social media images and a nice checklist to bring it all together.

The Articles Cover:Healthy, Nutritional and Inexpensive Bone Broth PLR

• What It Is
• Making the First Batch
• The Benefits
• Using it When Cooking
• Storage
• Freezing
• And much more…

People are looking for healthier ways to eat and bone broth, because it’s so inexpensive and simple to make, is topping the list when it comes to nutritional foods. Now you can give your readers the information they need to make this a part of their everyday meals.

I told you above that you can grab this one at a nice discount if you get it NOW! Well you have 24 hours to save $10 off the regular price. All you have to do is take Coupon Code: HEALTHYSOUP with you to use at checkout.

Bone Broth is very nutritional. It’s easy to incorporate into just about any diet and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to make. Why not help your customers see the benefits and learn how to add it to their healthy food list? Head over and check out this Healthy, Nutritional and Inexpensive Bone Broth PLR within the next 24 hours and grab it at a nice discount to help your readers.

Thank you again everyone for your patience over the last few weeks. It’s been quite a ride and hopefully none of us will have to experience it again. You guys are the best!

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