The first question you may be asking is just what is PLR? How can you earn money without needing any measurable skill? How can a business model really be ‘cut and paste’? In this next Profiting From Private Label Products-What Exactly Is PLR post I’ll explain what PLR is and some of the things that you can do with it.

Essentially, PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’. This in turn refers to a type of license that you buy along with a product – often a digital product.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that the digital product in question is an eBook (it often will be). In that case, you can buy both the eBook itself and the private label rights (PLR) license that comes with it.
So, what does this mean?

Well firstly, private label rights give you the right to resell a product. This means that you can buy something with the intention of selling it on to other customers – just as you would if you owned a reselling business selling t-shirts or blank CD ROMs for instance.

The difference here is that this is a digital product. That means that you don’t need to keep replenishing stock. You can buy the eBook just once along with the rights and then keep on selling it over and over again, potentially giving you the ability to earn limitless profit from your initial purchase!

But that is not all that PLR means. Some private label rights go further because they allow you to resell the rights as well. There’s a number of products out there that come with resell rights and in fact, this is a separate license called ‘RR’ (Resell Rights). That means you can sell your eBook to another marketer and thereby give them permission to sell it on further.

If the license were to stop at that, then it would be called ‘Master Resell Rights’. However, PLR goes further and adds another benefit that is arguably more important than all the others combined: the right to edit the product before selling it.

This means that you can buy an eBook and then change the title, change the name of the author, add more content or add new images. From there, you can then sell it to your heart’s content without having to ever reference the original creator. To all extents and purposes, PLR products are just the same as products that you created yourself EXCEPT you don’t have all that time and money invested but with PLR you have all the same flexibility and freedom to do as you choose.

Next, we will move into what the advantages are. There’s any number of things you can do with PLR products. I hope this Profiting From Private Label Products-What Exactly Is PLR post has helped you to understand a little more about PLR. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I’m always here to help!

Traffic-it’s the one thing all of us want and all of us struggle with at some time or another. I have my good weeks but I have more bad weeks. I’m always looking for ways to bring more traffic to my websites, my blogs, my social media pages and my products. That’s why I was so excited when I saw this New Website Traffic PLR Pack from List Magnets. It has everything I need to not only help myself but my readers as well.

This is a huge Traffic Pack. It contains 4 well written reports all with eCover sets. Alice has also included action-oriented checklists, lead-generating opt-in pages and 50 social media posts. The social media posts were written for any network and are just the right length to use on Twitter.

The Reports Are Huge and Cover:

• Free Website Traffic Ideas
• Using Social Media to Grow Your Traffic
• More Loyal Followers
• Making SEO Simple

I have this pack and I can’t wait to dive into it. Not only will it teach me but it’s great information for my followers on Biz Nuz Buzz. I’m excited about it-can you tell LOL.

These are all ready for you to use as soon as you pick them up. Just add your own little additions, brand them and your good to go. You can use the reports as gifts, bonus additions to products or better yet package them up and sell them. There’s some good money to made here and I promise the price is low.

In fact, the price is only $9.95 for all of this quality information. You’ll get the whole Traffic Pack, that’s all 4 reports, eCovers, checklists, opt-in page and social media posts for just $9.95. I couldn’t pass it up and I don’t think you should either.

Head on over there and checkout this New Website Traffic PLR Pack soon. The low price is only available until Monday. You must admit this is one heck of a deal if you can use this information for yourself or your customers. Go check it out now so you don’t forget it about over the weekend and miss out.

It has recently come to my attention that many of you understand what Private Label Rights aka PLR is but that you’re not sure how to use it. I also know there are a lot of people out there that have no idea what PLR is YIKES! I’ve told you several times how it can save you money and time but I don’t think I’ve ever really explained how to make it work for you. So, for the next couple of days I’m going to do a few posts that will not only explain what PLR is but help you understand how you can use it. Basically, I’m going to let you know about Profiting From Private Label Right Products is this new series.

I’m not going to try to sell you anything in these posts I promise. I’m just going to do my best to explain what PLR is, how to use it and how it can save you so much time and even more money and how you can profit by using this much loved product.

Ever wondered what the quickest and most guaranteed way to earn money online is? Interested in making a living on the web but not sure that you have the time, the skill or the knowledge to put an effective business model into practice?

Many online business models do require at least a certain amount of skill, knowledge and technical know-how. Promoting a blog and earning money from adverts can take years, while learning the ins and outs of SEO is certainly not something that ‘anyone’ can do.

Profiting From Private Label Right ProductsAnd that’s where private label rights come in. This is one of the most hands-off-yet-powerful methods there is for generating huge income from the web. This is literally a ‘copy and paste’ business model that you can start earning money from almost instantly.

No matter who you are, no matter how much experience you have and no matter how skilled you are: this is a business model that you can use to start earning lots of money online. It only takes a few hours to set up and you’re going to learn all the basics right here in these posts.

Excited yet? I hope so. It’s an honor for me to help you and your business grow. That’s what these posts are about and why I bring you the PLR offers I do. I pick and choose those offers carefully and I hope they help just like I hope these next few Profiting From Private Label Right Products posts will help you understand the power that PLR has when it comes to an online business.

Hot Evergreen Topic-Herbs for Health PLR Deal


Hot Evergreen Topic-Herbs for Health PLR Deal

Today I want to tell you about a new, never used before, health PLR package on ‘Herbs for Health’ from Master PLR. This all new ‘private label rights’ content is ready for you to use and brand as your own! This Hot Evergreen Topic-Herbs for Health PLR Deal is on a dimesale so time is of the essence if you want to grab it at the lowest possible price.

People are looking everywhere for natural health solutions and this pack has the answers! This hot evergreen topic has a high monthly search. People are looking for herbs and their uses and herbal remedies for certain ailments, every single day! Everyone wants to stay healthy naturally! Some of the hottest health niche topics are those that are related to herbal medicines and remedies. Herbs for Health is a topic that interests almost everyone!

This Hot Evergreen Topic-Herbs for Health PLR Deal is full and ready for you to brand as your own. It’s set up so that you can become an authority in your niche with this high-quality content. Geoff and Susan O’Dea are proud of the content they provide and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

This new PLR package contains information on herbs and their benefits, herbs for women’s health, herbal medicines and more! There are eBooks to provide you with income, reports to build your list, graphics to show yourself as an authority and more. This Herbs For Health pack will wow your readers and make them want to share the information on their favorite social media platforms!

The Main Offer Includes: Hot Evergreen Topic-Herbs for Health PLR Deal

• eBook “Herbal Medicine Explained”

• eBook Cover Graphics

• Herb’s for Women’s Health” Report

• Report Cover Graphics


10 well researched and professionally written articles:

1. Basil Contains Disease-Preventing Antioxidants and More – 509 words
2. Chives Add Health Benefits and Taste to Your Diet – 558 words
3. Cilantro – Popular, Tasty and Bursting with Health Benefits – 558 words
4. The Powerful Health Benefits of Dill – 546 words
5. Use Lavender to Calm the Mind and Heal the Body – 728 words
6. The Health Benefits of Mint – 536 words
7. Parsley – The World’s Most Popular Herb – 514 words
8. The Health Benefits of Rosemary – 591 words
9. Sage for Major Flavor and Maximum Health – 533 words
10. The Natural Health Benefits of Thyme – 518 words


• Social Posters

• “The Healing Power of Herbs” Full-Size Infographic

They are also giving you a chance to grab a special upgrade offer that includes:

Hot Evergreen Topic-Herbs for Health PLR DealA Professionally Designed Website:

• Professionally designed custom WordPress theme.
• This website is ready to go. Slider, graphics, logo…it’s all done for you!
• An affiliate program is ready for you to add your affiliate link too.
• Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About and Contact form…all done!
• Easy step-by-step installation instructions are included to get your website installed in just a few minutes!

‘Growing Herbs for Health’ eBook with Cover Graphics:

• Formatted and fully illustrated with 100% Royalty Free Graphics.
• Includes an introduction, disclaimer and conclusion, plus a table of contents!

‘Herbal Teas for Health’ Report with Graphics:

• Formatted and fully illustrated with 100% Royalty Free, commercial use images.
• Includes a disclaimer, conclusion and table of contents!


1. Belladonna – Deadly Nightshade
2. Black Cohosh
3. Boneset
4. Echinacea – Coneflower
5. Melissa Officinalis – Lemon Balm
6. Mountain Arnica or Mountain Tobacco
7. Poison Ivy
8. Calendula Officinalis – Pot Marigold
9. Hypericum Perforatum – St John’s Wort
10. Wolfsbane or Monkshood –

Social Posters:

• 10 social posters, plus PSD files.

’10 Powerful Herbal Remedies’ Full-Size Infographic:

• Infographic designed to create 10 separate infographics, plus the original full-size one!
• Each mini-infographic complements one of the articles in this package!

WOW now that’s a huge package and an even bigger upsell offer. It’s perfect for everyone especially those of you who are trying to break into this niche and need help getting it started!

Remember this Hot Evergreen Topic-Herbs for Health PLR Deal is on a dimesale. That means the price will go up with every purchase. Please don’t wait if you really want this one.

This PLR package will suit many niches, so make sure you check it out! Go see this Herbs for Health package I think you’ll be impressed with everything they include. I sure was and I can’t wait to dive into it!

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