We found a New Networking PLR That All Online Bloggers Should Have! Why? Because it’s all about connecting, something all businesses should be doing so they can grow. This new pack comes from Piggy Makes Bank and it’s full of great content.

So many of us have gone to blogging to get our message out. It’s the perfect platform for marketing our offers. It’s also the perfect way to build relationships with our customers, new and old. Even sharing our content with other bloggers can be a significant way to grow both our followers and our business.

That’s what this new PLR is all about, Networking For Bloggers. It’s full of articles, a report, emails, social media posts and more. Everything you need to help your own customers understand why blogging and connecting with others is so important.

The Articles In This Pack Cover:New Networking PLR That All Online Businesses Should Have

• Building a Network as a New Blogger
• Best Practices in Networking for Bloggers
• Why Networking Makes Sense
• Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Network
• Transform Your Blog Readers into a Community
• And more…

Plus, they’ve added a bonus, a really nice Implementation Guide, that will show you ways to use this content. It’s full of some great strategies and ideas.

You can pick up this Blog Networking PLR on sale until Monday. They’ve really lowered the price on this one. It’s well worth checking out especially with the low-price tag.

If you have customers who are new to blogging or who may be struggling with growing their customer following then this pack is perfect for you. Go today and check out this New Networking PLR That All Online Bloggers Should Have. It’s well worth looking at and if you see that it’s perfect for you then don’t hesitate to grab it before the price rises on Monday!

Different Ways To Use This 365 Self-Improvement Tips PLRYesterday, I told you about the 365 Self-Improvement Tips bundle over at List Magnets. It comes with complete PLR rights to all the tips. Plus, you get an eCover set (including PSD for editing) and ready-to-roll opt-in page copy, so you can grow your list with the tips. Today I wanted to tell you some of the Different Ways To Use This 365 Self-Improvement Tips PLR.

This Self-Improvement content is so versatile. I’ve been thinking about all the different ways you could use this content. Alice also came up with a handy list. There are so many Different Ways To Use This 365 Self-Improvement Tips PLR.

A Few Ways To Use This Content:

1. Load the tips to your autoresponder. BAM! 1 years’ worth of emails. Just add a little greeting and encouragement and you’re ready to roll.

2. Schedule the tips to your social media. If you use a tool like Hootsuite or even the Facebook Page scheduling feature, you’re good to go.

3. Make viral top lists on your blog. The tips divided into different major categories and create a number of great posts to help your customers.

4. Use a content rotator widget on your WordPress site and load all the tips in. Then you can show the tips in your sidebar or wherever you’d like to give your readers a bit of encouragement.

5. Take the various tips categories and make each on into a report. Easy peasy, you’ve got a bunch of lead magnets, ready to roll.

6. Take the tips and inspirational quotes and make them into attractive graphics you can share on social media. Be sure to brand the graphics with your URL.

7. How about a desktop calendar with a tip of the day on it? It could be a real printed calendar or even for their computer desktop. Or you could put it all together and sell as a product.

8. Use it as a script for an audio or video. You can share just a quick audio or video tip of the day. Or share a bunch of related tips that your readers are going to thank you for.

9. Turn it into a slide show. This one is so easy. Just add some graphics, maybe a little music and you`re good to go.

That just the tip of the iceberg in ways you can use these tips. Let your imagination work to come up with ideas or even products.

One thing to remember this offer is only available until Monday. Just think of what you can come up with all this content. There really is hundreds of Different Ways To Use This 365 Self-Improvement Tips PLR. With a price of just $9.95 what have you got to lose? Make a product with it and you can get your investment back over and over again.

Do me a favor and just check out this 365 Self-Improvement Tips Bundle. If it’s not for you at least you took a look. But if it is for you and your readers go ahead and grab it now while the price is so low.

When the PLR offers come out they seem to come out all at once. Today is no different. There are several products available right now all at some pretty good discounts. Today’s offers include New PLR, Specials, Deals and Sales. Be sure to check them all out because we bet there’s something here for just about everyone!

New PLR, Specials, Deals and SalesThe first offer comes from Sue at Buy PLR Today! It’s her birthday! Happy Birthday Sue. All of us here at PLR Arsenal wish you a very special day. In honor of her day she’s giving all of you a very special offer. Now through April 8, 2017 you will get 50% off anything and everything she has in her store.

What does Sue carry? Something for anyone. She has business content, health content, lifestyle content, self-improvement content and more. I won’t start listing her packs because she has TONS but I promise it’s well written and packed full.

To get your 50% off just use the Coupon Code: BIRTHDAYGIRL She didn’t say but usually you can use this to purchase all the packages you need. Go check out what she has in the way of topics. There’s bound to be something in this Birthday Sale you can use.

The next one on our list comes from Tribe Bloom. This is one heck of a PLR Deal. It’s a Buy One Get One offer that covers any and all of the products they carry. Now that’s one heck of a deal!

During this 21 day PLR special you can pick up content that covers food, health, crafts, business and more. Also, every day of this sale they will be adding new packs. Here’s what they have added so far:

They do videos, tutorials, eBooks, articles, reports and more. Plus, they usually add extras to each pack making it well worth the money. This Buy One Get One Deal lasts for 21 days. You can keep going back each and every day of this sale to get anything new they have released. Don’t let this one pass you up.

New PLR, Specials, Deals and Sales

If you’re in the business of helping people improve their lives, this is something you should pick up right away. Over at List Magnets, Alice Seba has put together a package of 365 Self-Improvement tips that you can use for your autoresponder, blog, social media and more…but this offer is good through the weekend only. That’s a quick tip for each day of the year to keep your readers productive.

She’s included 365 self-improvement tips, an eCover set to promote the tips and ready-to-publish opt-in page copy, including copy-and-paste WordPress code.

Alice has really dropped the price on this Self-Improvement Bundle. It’s only $9.95 for all that great content but remember this price is only good through this weekend.

Next, we have a New Vision Board Workshop from Coach Glue. All of us want to visual our plans for both life and business and this workbook can help you do that.

In this New Workshop you’ll get a 4-module training workbook, worksheets with exercises, checklists as well all the sales material needed. That way anyone can use this material to help people both on or off line.

The Modules Covers:New PLR, Specials, Deals and Sales

  1. The Power That a Vision Board Holds
  2. Creating Your Own Board
  3. A Lifestyle Planner
  4. How to Create a Business Vision Board

To get this Vision Board Workshop at a huge discount you need to take Coupon Code: APRIL (all caps) with you. This coupon code will save you $200 on your purchase but it’s only good through April 7th so don’t wait if you want to grab this deal.

The last of our New PLR, Specials, Deals and Sales comes from Health and Wellness. This one covers Exercising When You Have an Injury. Jennifer has done a wonderful job on this pack. She’s had an issue of her own and had to try to exercise with an injury so these articles are written from personal experience.

New PLR, Specials, Deals and SalesThis discounted bundle includes 20 articles, social media posts and graphics written for both Facebook and Twitter. The articles cover things like knowing when you’re ready to exercise, mistakes to avoid, the do’s and don’ts, speeding up the healing process, finding workouts that you can do and much more.

She usually puts her packs on sale for $10 but not this one. This Exercising With Injuries Pack is listed at just $7 but only through Sunday April 9th. After that she’ll raise the price to $25. That’s a big savings if you can use this so don’t wait okay?

That’s all the New PLR, Specials, Deals and Sales offers we have right now. Don’t be surprised if there’s not some more tomorrow. The weekend sales are sure to be around and they are sure to be good ones. Go now and check out these listed here if you need them because all this great PLR and these huge PLR deals will be gone before you know it.

So, what are The Advantages of Using PLR For Profit In Your Business? There are any number of advantages this online business tool can do to help you. One of the biggest is that you can start selling a product from your website that looks and reads as though you created it from scratch! What does that mean? You begin to profit right away. This is huge! Why? Because you drastically reduce your initial investment meaning that you save both time and money.

Here’s what I mean by that. Let’s imagine that you want to start selling an eBook from your site, one that you wrote from scratch. To begin with, you would first need to come up with the idea. Next you need a title. From there, you’d then need to write a minimum of 10,000 words and quite possibly more. That’s likely more than you’ve ever written on one subject before and it’s going to take days of discipline and commitment to get through that many words.

Not only that but those words need to be useful words. They need to provide helpful tips, interesting anecdotes, useful references and more. In short you need to make sure that you’re not just developing word count for the sake of it but that you have something worthwhile to say that people will be happy to have paid out their hard-earned money for. Hopefully you have a natural ‘writers’ voice’ because if not, then your content isn’t going to flow or be particularly engaging.

From there, you then need to read back through the content and edit it to make sure that you have brought any typos and mistakes down to an absolute minimum. Something to remember if you do write your own content. It’s almost impossible to eliminate all mistakes at this kind of word count, so don’t beat yourself up if you find any in your final product.

Next, you’ll need to format the content by adding images, the right headings and title fonts, a table of contents, page numbers and all those other small touches that makes a book into a professional-looking product rather than something that anyone could put together in a matter of a couple of days.

Then there are all the extra materials that normally come free with an eBook. Those extra’s will include the press materials and marketing images, text and on and on. In short, there is an absolutely huge amount of content you need to create and you can expect it to be weeks or months before you finish. Believe it or not many people just give up entirely, myself included, on many occasions.

This is just the beginning of why PLR can and will work for any business. Just think of the time you can save not having to create these products all on your own. This really is just the beginning of The Advantages of Using PLR For Profit In Your Business! Just remember that the No. 1 advantage is that it WILL save you both time and money! In my next post, I’ll explain more on the huge difference PLR can make in your business.

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