Multi-Billion Market-Self Improvrment PLR

Here’s a PLR package that will have you growing your list and tapping into a multi-billion dollar market in no time. It’s for a very limited time only, so don’t miss this because it’s no doubt a Multi-Billion Market-Self Improvement PLR prize.

Before I tell you about this Multi-Billon Market-Self Improvement PLR here’s a bit of background information…

In the US alone, about 10 billion dollars a year is spent on various self-help books, courses, and products. That’s pretty darned impressive and is definitely a market to explore.

One of the reasons it has such a huge appeal from a marketing perspective is that it’s a good fit for a large variety of niches. If you’re in the marketing niche, this will help you show them how to get more work done by increasing productivity and reducing stress by embracing gratitude. If you’re in the parenting niche, use the content to teach your readers how to become more confident, how to set a good example for the kids or how to have a better relationship with a spouse, the in-laws, the kids or anyone they come in contact with.

In other words, almost any niche and market out there can benefit from self-help content and it’s something you should consider if you’re not already actively marketing in this area.

Now about that Multi-Billion Market-Self Improvement PLR I mentioned before. Alice Seba and her team at List Magnets put together 10 brand new PLR Lead Magnet Packs in the self-help niche. These are attention getting “Top Ten” topics that your subscribers will love.

These Top 10 Lists Include:

• Ways to Be More ProductiveMulti-Billion Market-Self Improvement PLR
• Ways to Overcome Procrastination
• Ways to Get Healthier
• Ways to Think More Positively
• Ways to Embrace Gratitude
• Ways to Overcome Grief
• Ways to Become More Confident
• Ways to Become a Better Leader
• Ways to Get Organized
• Ways to Have a Better Relationship

You’ll get these information packed lists, on each Self-Improvement topic giving you 10 exciting new lead magnets. But it’s not just the reports you get. Alice even includes custom created cover graphics and professionally written opt-in pages for each topic. All you have to do is copy-and-paste the opt-in pages to WordPress or whatever editor you use, add your opt-in code and you’re ready to roll.

Grab this Multi-Billion Market-Self Improvement PLR and you’ll have at least a year’s worth of lead magnets ready to go. But the only catch is, this Self-Improvement Bundle is on a super sale through this weekend only. Go get it now before Monday rolls around and it’s too late? Here’s to your success!

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