Private Label Rights (known as PLR) are everywhere. People use them for many reasons. To save time and money, to create content, as free giveaways, to promote products and yes even for making money. It’s also a great way for you to learn and for teaching and informing your own audience. There are many questions when it comes to PLR. What is it? How do I use it? Should I rewrite it? Is PLR quality content? What are my rights with PLR? To help you find answers we have searched for FREE content that gives you a peek into the quality of what we promote, an idea of just how easy it is use this type of content on your blog and in your business, as well as answers to many of your other questions. As for your rights with PLR, always be sure to check out the rules for each individual site. Many are the same while others have something a little different. both in the types of PLR they sell and in the way you are allowed to us it. Be sure to check back often to see what new and exciting FREE packages we have for you. We hope you prosper from and enjoy the FREE PLR packages we have listed below.

All Private Label Content:

If you really want some well written, high quality PLR then you need to go see Alice and Melody at All Private Label Content. They also have a vast variety of content covering a number of home and business topics. They have a set of Free Family Articles that you can grab to use on your sites, as a report and more. APLC has been around since 2006 so if you want to get your PLR from a well-established company this is the place to go. Pick up your FREE articles then check out the rest of what APLC has.

Buy PLR Today:

This guide is from Buy PLR Today and it full of great information on putting your PLR to good use. There are a number of ways you can use PLR and with this FREE “Put Your PLR To Use” Guide you’ll find ways of using, re-purposing your content so you can grow your business and be more profitable.

Content Sparks:

With this FREE Content Planning Template with FREE Planning Tools and Sample you’ll be one step ahead of the game. It’s the perfect tool to help you figure out exactly what content you need and when you need it. It comes from Sharyn Sheldon at Content Sparks. Knowing what content you are creating will increase your productivity levels which in turn will increase your following and your sales. Help save yourself time, money and most of all frustration by grabbing this today. It’s a great way to boost the success of your business.


DIY PLR has a set of 41 Social Media Tips and 4 Bonus Graphics that you can pick up for FREE to share on any of your social networking sites. With only 140 characters these are perfect for Twitter. And they’ve turned 4 of these tips into some pretty snazzy graphics. Grab your Free package from DIY PLR to spice up your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Then take a few minutes to see all the great content they have. They cover a wide variety of topics and each package if full high quality PLR.

Food A Plenty:

Food A Plenty just recently opened their doors for business but we promise their PLR is top notch. It comes from 2 of the best, Alice Seba and Lynette Chandler. Both have been in the business for a while. Alice is part owner of DIY PLR and APLC. Lynette owns Plugin Mill where you can find a number of different WordPress plugins all with PLR rights. They have something FREE for you that can help you build your food blog. It’s a guide called “50 Ways to Build Your Food Blog” and it covers things like getting targeted traffic to your blog, making your site accessible to visitors, ways to improve your writing, delivering quality content and more. They also have a number of recipes packs, a couple of plugins and my favorite, Graphic Recipe Cards. Check them out if your niche deals with food.

Master PLR:

Geoff and Susan O’Dea are the owners of Master PLR. They have a hands on approach with the PLR where they do the final edits to make sure your PLR is quality content. They are giving you a FREE Set of Articles so you can see just how great their PLR really is. They cover a number of different topics in the Evergreen niche. They have packages for weight loss and health, diabetes, anxiety, allergies and more. Head on over and sign up to get your FREE articles and then watch their cool slide show at the bottom of the site to see all the great content they’ve created for you.

Net PLR:

This Free set of Weight Loss and Fitness Articles comes from Net PLR. She has been delivering quality PLR since 2010. In these FREE articles you’ll find information on healthy breakfast tips, fruits and vegetables, benefits of biking, weight loss tips, natural ways to boost energy, staying gym fit without the expensive gym membership and more. All of which you share with your readers. Just sign up with your email address and download your 17 Free articles today.