Just a note to let you guys know they have raised this to full price. There is still a lot of quality coaching content packages including Done For You bundles just like this one for you to check out at Coach Glue.

HUGE UPDATE: Surprise Bonuses Added to This Huge Done For You Coaching Program:

3 Bonus Reports covering Making More Sales, 10 Digital Publishing Tips and Self-Publishing Your Book. They’ve also added a Kindle Planning Worksheet, a 1 Monthly Calendar to Outline Your Steps for Making More Money, 2 Checklists, 5 Articles and 5 Blog Posts.

NOTE: If you have already purchased this package just log in to grab these surprise bonuses.

This really is a huge Done For You Kindle Coaching Program and it’s well worth the money whether you want it for yourself or your clients. Check it out before the price goes up next week.

People are loving Coach Glue’s Done For You Coaching Programs! Not just coaches but their clients and people just like you and I, the everyday online entrepreneur. These packages are full of great information on a variety of topics that apply to not just your clients but to you as well. Their newest package covers those who want to work with publishing books on Kindle. It’s called “Kindle Profits Treasure Map: Discover the Hidden Cash in YOUR Books” and it’s a good one. You’ll get the 4 part coaching program, PowerPoint slides and promotional tools as well.

The 4 Part Program Covers:cgkindleprofits

  • Planning Your Book Funnel
  • Designing Your Sales System
  • Money Up Your Kindle Book for Now and Later
  • Launching Your Book For Impact and Profit

Plus your promotional tools include products to help you kick off a successful webinar, blog posts, social media posts and more. What a Done For You coaching program! These packages are well worth every penny they sell them for but right now you can save $70 off the regular price. Pick this Kindle Profits Hidden Cash Coaching Program up before the end of day on Monday September 8 to save. If Kindle is a place you want to go or you have clients and customers who want to make money with Kindle then this done for you coaching program is worth checking into.