Kindle Publishing Templates Create Profitable Books

kindle publishing templatesHey I’ve found the perfect package for you guys who grabbed yesterday’s PLR pack. This is not PLR but it’s perfect if you are using that content for yourself or for your clients. You can use these Kindle Publishing Templates to Help Create Profitable Books! Melissa from Time Freedom Business released these and this pack is full of everything necessary to get you started and to help you create, publish and market your own Kindle book.

I’m excited about these Kindle Publishing Templates. She’s included everything you need to start making some good money creating and selling your own books. There are 7 of these Templates in all. The first template will help you with your research and help with brainstorming your ideas to get the writing process started. The second template covers your author bio page. This is an important part of a book and probably the hardest. With this template you’ll be able to create one that is a sure winner.

The third template will help you outline your book. This type of structure will help you create your book a little faster. Next she includes the Kindle Book template. You’ll have the perfect area for writing your book. It will help with being using the proper format as well which is very important. She gives you further help with formatting by including a guide template.

Then she moves on to a Kindle Marketplace Listing template. When you list your book on the Kindle marketplace it helps buyers to determine if your book is one they want to purchase. So yes this is very important in your marketing strategy. She gives you key points and an example to go by.

The final template is a publishing checklist. There are a lot of steps, many of which are confusing if you don’t have help. With this template you’ll get help with things like pricing, publishing, marketing and more.

It’s unbelievable the help these Kindle Publishing Templates can be for you. Again this is not PLR so you can’t package it up and sell or give it away. You can pass it to your virtual assistant to use for you, you can use them yourself and you can use them to provide a service to your clients. So even though you can’t add it to that package I told you about yesterday, you can still use it to help your own clients and more importantly yourself.

She has these Kindle Templates listed at a great price, just $11, but only through Friday October 21. These templates are definitely a great addition to your Kindle Book tools. I believe these templates will help you create your book faster and they will help you market and sell those books for more profits.

If you can use these don’t wait. The next couple of days will fly by and I don’t want you to miss this huge opportunity. Go now and grab these Kindle Publishing Templates To Help Create Profitable Books! The price is right so please don’t hesitate to add these to your business tools.

Kindle PLR Sale-$91 Off The Entire Bundle

Kindle PLR SaleI’ve tried to dabble a little with creating my own Kindle Cookbooks. I have to admit that it did me in. Why? Because it was confusing! I could write the cookbooks, create the cover but when it came to setting it all up and getting the sales I was at a loss. If I could have found some real, quality help I might have been able to accomplish this goal. I believe that I have finally found that help. Yes, I’ll probably buy this pack for my own personal use because it’s full of all the information I need to make my dream a reality. You can also get in on this Kindle PLR Sale for $91 Off The Entire Bundle! This Kindle PLR is perfect for you and your customers.

This huge bundle comes from DIY PLR and it’s well worth every discounted penny if you and your readers can use it. Kindle has become a huge avenue for those who want to write and publish their own work. It’s a great way to make some dough too. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are generating a nice little income from their own Kindle work. Why not get in on a share of that money? Why not help your customers to do the same? With this Kindle PLR Sale, you can.

This full PLR bundle contains 4 reports with eCover sets, 4 Opt-In pages to help you with your email list and 4 checklists. The reports are full of very informative information that you and your customers can learn from and put to use right away. Report number 1 is a step-by-step guide to Kindle publishing. Report number 2 is about profiting from Kindle singles. The third report covers a very popular subject-children’s books and the last report is about leveraging the Kindle Book Marketplace. The eCovers are pretty cool and the checklist are a perfect way for your customers to stay on track.

This Kindle PLR Sale is a pretty good one. It would normally cost you $108 if you bought each report separately. That’s a lot of cash to put out but it won’t cost you anything close to that if you act quickly. Now through Wednesday October 19 you can pick up all this quality PLR for $91 off that huge price. For just $17 you can have all this information to use for yourself and your customers. No coupon codes are necessary. Just click right here Kindle PLR to grab it at this very low price.

Kindle is a great way to generate income. So many people are doing it as a way to create extra income and some are even using it to make all their income. Now you and your readers can have the same opportunity. Check out this Kindle PLR Sale before it’s too late. It’s full of quality information that I intend to take advantage of. I think once you see it you’ll want to jump on the Kindle train too.

New PLR-270 Pieces-Highly Popular Wellness Niche

New PLR-270 Pieces-Highly Popular Wellness Niche
Are you tired of low quality PLR that you can never really use? What if you had a product that was timely, very well written and in a very high demand topic that can make you money, please your audience and one that you can actually use in many different ways? Look no further! This New PLR-270 Pieces-Highly Popular Wellness Niche is high quality content that you can edit, brand and profit from in numerous ways AND this new plr popular wellness niche is on a topic that gets an average of 10 million monthly keyword searches in Google!

JR Lang from Internet Slayers has created an amazing “Done For You” giant Wellness PLR pack that includes everything you need to dominate this sector of the diet and health niches. Best of all the price is amazing for the 270 plus pieces of content that is included.

New PLR-270 Pieces-Highly Popular Wellness NicheThere are an average 10 MILLION monthly searches online for wellness related keywords. People are desperate and hungry for information on self-care, self-directed medicine, holistic wellbeing and natural wellness solutions. Now you have a chance to deliver it to them, with comprehensive and high quality content that addresses these highly searched for and popular topics and you get it all with full PLR rights. This New PLR-270 Pieces-Highly Popular Wellness Niche package has it all!

JR has some of the best PLR available. I love her stuff! This Wellness PLR pack is of the highest quality, written with expertise, well researched and offers the most in-depth information to establish yourself as an authority in this segment of the health niche.

New PLR-270 Pieces-Highly Popular Wellness NicheThis new plr popular wellness niche package contains an eBook with full sales funnel and video sales page, 3 reports with squeeze pages, and helpful worksheets, all of which you can sell, give away, or use to build your lists. Plus, you get quality editable HD videos, infographics, articles, images, and various other media that can be edited and used in many different ways, including on or to promote your sites.

ALL the content is brand new with full PLR rights to edit as you wish. Everything has been done for you, including, the expertly written eBook and reports to sell as your own, and tons of quality content to educate your customers, clients, and web visitors.

Establish yourself as an authority New PLR-270 Pieces-Highly Popular Wellness Niche. It’s a high quality and versatile PLR pack that can be used in numerous ways and that will save you tons of time and money were you to create it yourself.

This New PLR-270 Pieces-Highly Popular Wellness Niche is on a dime sale, so the price goes up with every sale! Don’t wait if you can use it. Go now to get the best possible deal!

Friday PLR Deals To Share With You


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have some great plans for this weekend. I have to work on Saturday at my other job but I’m hoping Sunday can be my relaxing day. To start your weekend out right I went on the hunt for some Friday PLR Deals To Share With You. I’ve found a couple of Friday PLR Deals so far and I promise if I find any more I’ll add them to this post.

The first deal I found comes from Kitchen Blogger. Trish actually has two packs included in this Friday PLR Deals To Share With You. She’s headed out to see the ocean but before she left she set up these new deals to help you if you can use them.

kbgltnfrThe first one is her Gluten-Free Mega Pack! This really is a huge bundle. She’s included a recipe book, recipe card graphics for each of those recipes, a report, an eCover set, images and more. The recipes cover all kinds of goodies like pizza dough, muffins, breads, brownies, cookies and all those yummy things many of your going Gluten-Free readers may be looking for.


The second pack she has is also a mega pack and it covers The Truths About GMOs. This one is huge as well. It includes a report that talks about what GMOs are, it’s history, the top crops in the U.S. and so much more. She also includes a shopping guide, photos, social media graphics and eCovers. It’s well worth checking into if you have readers who are interested in a no-nonsense guide to GMOs.

Now to get either of these deals you need to click on the links above and use Coupon Code: Fall40Deal when you check out. That code will give 40% off either or both packs but only for the next couple of days. It’s well worth checking into if you have an audience that needs this type of information.


The next Friday PLR Deals To Share With You comes from Piggy Makes Bank. This is one that so many people are looking for. With all the havoc this country is going through, by people and the weather, everyone wants to be prepared in case there is an emergency. Now you can give your readers the information they so desperately need.

This pack is all about Being Prepared In Case Of An Emergency. It contains 10 articles that cover having a plan, keeping your documents safe, creating an emergency kit, storing food and water, survival skills, dealing with long power outages and more. They have also included 10 product recommendations, 3 emergency prep checklists and social media posts.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a man made one, we all need to be prepared. With this pack you can help your readers be ready if they need to be. The deal on this pack is $10 off when you use Coupon Code: PREPPER This deal won’t be around for long either so don’t wait if you need this pack.

That’s it for now but I bet we have more before the day is over. If we do, I’ll be sure to add them to this Friday PLR Deals To Share With You post. I don’t want you guys to miss out on any of the great deals these providers have to offer you. Go now and check these out, come back later today to see if there are more and check them out, then go have yourself a wonderful and safe weekend! You guys deserve it!

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