Learn to Use Adobe Photoshop Elements PLR

Graphics are huge. People just love them and they want to see them everywhere, social media, blog posts, websites, on product sales pages, well everywhere! But finding graphics that will work for what you need can be difficult and if you’re like me, creating graphics is just plain frustrating, almost terrifying. One of the top tools that people can use is Photoshop but as we all know that’s pretty expensive and a little overwhelming. Now Adobe has their own version and it’s called Photoshop Elements. DIY PLR has released a new report where you can show your own customers how to use this software to create some pretty snazzy graphics of their own.

This PLR Report Will Show Your Clients:diyadobe

  • Basic Features
  • New Features
  • The Organizer
  • Layers and Using Them to Add Color and More
  • Image Editing
  • Adding Objects
  • And more…

They’ve also include a cheat sheet on the 3 separate modes giving your readers an understanding of what each one is and how to use them. Graphics are almost a necessity when it comes to the Internet and now your audience can create their own with this Learn to Use Adobe Photoshop Elements PLR. It’s a tutorial that will ensure they have a solid understanding of how to use it to create graphics they will be proud to put their own name on.

Sticky Content Training Reduced

gluerepurposecontenttrainingWe’ve told you guys before about Coach Glue’s Sticky Content Training. It’s a great way to learn how they repurpose their content to make more money. Nicole and Melissa are two of the best at repurposing content and now you can learn exactly how they do it and save a little of your hard earned money at the same time. In fact they’ve dropped the price on this by $32. If you are at all interested in learning from some seasoned veterans now’s the time to pick it up.

This training includes a Ways to Recycle Content report, 17 videos that will teach you how to write books without new content, growing your list, reusing emails, growing your social media following by recycling content, getting more traffic, creating products and more. Plus they have a nice array of bonuses for you too. They include ways of coming up with new topics, types of content you can publish, how Nicole whipped out 9 videos in one day, see how Melissa trains her team to reuse content she already has and how to format a Kindle book in just minutes plus a whole lot more.

This Sticky Content Training is something everyone can learn something from and if it saves you time and helps you make money, what could be better. If you act before Friday August 1, 2014 at Midnight you can grab this whole package for just $17. Just the idea of learning from Melissa and Nicole makes us want to grab it up and the sale doesn’t hurt either LOL. Don’t wait guys to grab this one for yourself or your own clients. This really is worth having and you just can’t beat the price.

New Traffic Generation PLR

Traffic is to an online business like air is to the human flesh. We have to have it to survive. Yet all of us at some time or another struggle with getting traffic to our websites. For the seasoned it’s hard but for a newbie it can be devastating. Business Content PLR knows how difficult this can be for everyone so they’ve created a new package that you can use to help your people generate the traffic they need to survive. This new PLR includes a report, checklist, slideshows, infographics, and speaker notes if you decide to do a webinar or hangout, a graphic overview, research sources and more.

The Report Covers:bizconenttrafficgeneration

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Emails
  • Forums
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Giveaways
  • Offline
  • Affiliates
  • Advanced Ideas
  • And more…

This really is a full PLR package and it can help you, if you need it, and your customers generate the traffic we all need to keep our business alive. Here’s the best part of this whole deal. You can grab this New Traffic Generation PLR for $20 off the regular price by using Coupon Code: TRAFFIC20 You have a few days to think about it and make your decision because the code doesn’t expire until Tues. August 12, 2014. We don’t think you’ll want to wait too long though because this one is full of some great information that anyone with an online business can use.

New Fitness Mega PLR Article Pack

stopfitnessmegaBeing fit is at the top of almost everyone’s list. We all want to be healthy and fit and we are desperate to find ways to make it all happen. It’s searched more often than you could even imagine. PLR Stop has something that we think will help your readers in their search. It’s a fitness mega pack and it’s full of some great content for everyone who is looking to become healthy and stay that way. Each pack includes 10 articles all about different areas of fitness.

This Mega article pack includes Family articles that cover getting kids active, teaching kids healthy habits and developing a family fitness plan – Pilates articles including Pilates VS Yoga, beginners checklist and Pilates for seniors – Muscle Building articles covering weight lifting, the best way to lose weight, long term thinking is essential and enjoying your workout – Staying Fit articles include ways to stay motivated and how to find more time, ways to burn more calories and boosting your metabolism after 40 – Fast Fat Burning articles are about small steps to big weight loss, easy exercises at home and make burning belly fat simple and so much more. Plus they’ve included 24 photos covering exercising and fitness to use with your article content or to help you promote your fitness on social media.

This really is a mega pack and it covers so many different areas for your readers. They are sure to find information to help them no matter what area they want to venture into or what age they may be. They’ve really lowered the price on this New Fitness Mega PLR Article Pack but if you act before Friday August 1, 2014 you can save even more. Just use Coupon Code: FITMEGA and you can have it all for just $10.00! We think that’s a pretty good deal and with everything included in this mega pack we know there’s something for all your readers to learn from. Don’t wait if you think you can use this one.

New Dog Training PLR Bundle

We have something new for you guys today. This one comes from Helene Malmsio over at Strategic Services Learn How To Do It and it’s a pretty good PLR Pack. This is the first time we’ve promoted Helene and I’m sorry we didn’t jump on her PLR sooner. She has some great stuff and her site is pretty cool. Now that we’ve found her we will be promoting her more often. What she has for you today is a huge PLR bundle full of great information on dog training. She includes a 14 page report on the benefits of training your dog including illustrations. It also includes 10 brand new pet niche articles and as a bonus she’s got Halloween dog costume articles, an info sheet set up like a newspaper that cover remedies for fleas, graphics, 5 reviews on dog beds and more.

Her Articles Cover:lhtdogtraining

  • Choosing the Right Dog for You
  • Dog Obedience Steps
  • Toilet Training
  • Crating Your New Puppy
  • Guide to Dog Chewing
  • And more…

This is a huge PLR package and it’s perfect for all those dog lovers out there. She has this priced low too. Just $7 and you can have it all. Take a few minutes to check out all she’s included in this bundle. We think you’ll be amazed by this New Dog Training PLR Bundle and will find it’s just right for your readers. If you have a pet niche then this package is a good one for you. Help your readers with training their furbaby by picking this one up today.

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