Mammoth Family PLR Article Bundle Deal

netfamilymegabundledealOur families mean everything to us. Our spouses, our children, grandchildren, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and even our extended family of in-laws and friends. It’s what we base our lives around. Because of that many of us have a family oriented niche. Sometimes it’s pretty easy coming up with content because everyone of us has a funny story, a heartfelt post or just everyday occurrences to talk about. Other times it can be difficult, especially if we want to target a certain topic. This deal is all about getting you content for your family targeted niche.

It comes from Net PLR and it’s a good one but it won’t be around for long. What you’ll get in this Mammoth Family PLR Article Bundle Deal is 192 articles all about family. It would normally cost you $133+ to get all these packs (17 in all) but if you act fast you can grab it up for just $14.00. These packs contain anywhere from 25 to 5 articles, all on great topics that your audience is going to love.

In this deal you’ll get articles covering child development, homeschooling, stay at home moms, activities for the whole family, activities targeted for kids, family travel, back to school info, family vacations, organic baby products and 2 packs that cover kids toys. She’s also thrown in some great holiday packs that cover Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

WOW that’s a lot of content that you don’t have to worry about coming up with. To recap this Mammoth Family PLR Article Bundle Deal contains a total of 192 articles originally costing $133+ that you can grab now through Friday September 4 for just $14.00! If you have a family targeted niche this one is well worth checking out. Oh she also said that when this special ends these packs will be gone for good. Please don’t wait if you can use these. It really is a deal worth checking out.

Mediterranean Diet PLR Cookbook With Photos

I’m not a dieter but with my cooking site I often check out some of the fad diets people are trying. Sometimes I am amazed at what is available. Don’t get me wrong, there are some out there that are worth checking out and trying. Then there are some that just don’t seem to be something that would work. I guess I shouldn’t really say anything because I don’t diet, I just try to eat as healthy as I can. So for those who do diet, if any of these fad diets help you I am thankful that you are seeing the results you desire.

One diet that I’ve come across is the Mediterranean diet. From what I have read this one didn’t go over so well when it was first introduced. In the early 1990’s it took hold and people were seeing lasting results. It’s based on the eating habits in Greece, Spain and Southern Italy and it emphasizes eating plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. It also replaces butter with olive oil and using herbs in place of salt. It maintains that it is low in saturated fats and high in fiber and monounsaturated fat, which is a healthier way of eating. From my research I’ve found that many people are seeing results with this diet and that people are searching for recipes and more to enhance their changes.

PLR Express has a Mediterranean Diet PLR Cookbook With Photos that you can pick up on sale right now. It contains recipes with ingredients, step by step instructions and over 100 photos.

The Recipes Cover:expressmediterraneancookbook

• Oregano Pizza Crust Recipe
• Spinach & Sausage Cannelloni
• Mushroom Parmesan Fritters Recipe
• Spaghetti with Pork Sausages & Pesto Sauce
• One Pot Lasagna Recipe
• Fried Mozzarella Sticks
• And more…

These do sound pretty good and with the step by step instructions and photos your customers can make these delicious dishes easily. If you are interested in this Mediterranean Diet PLR Cookbook With Photos you can pick it up for just $11.00 when you use Coupon Code: med11 at checkout.  I haven’t put any of these types of recipes on my site yet but I’m really thinking about grabbing this PLR and using it as posts and possibly as a free give away if my audience is interested in it. I think this is a decent diet that can help my customers in their search for something that is healthy and can help them. I’ll see what they think and if it is something they are interested in I’ll be grabbing this one for them. If you have an audience who would like to have these recipes then pick this one up before the price goes back up to $50.00. With all this PLR has to offer your readers they will be glad you made the choice to grab it for them.

Huge Holiday Content PLR Article Deal

aplcholidayarticledealWell summer is all but over. Makes me sad. I love summer but I kind of like fall too so it won’t be bummed for long LOL. One of the reasons I like fall so much is because of all the great holidays that are coming up. There’s Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween (a favorite of mine), Thanksgiving (also a favorite) and Christmas. One of things I don’t like about fall is coming up with the content I need for all these holidays! Plus you throw in Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all of those crazy days and it can be a time of stress, stress, stress.

One way to cut back on that stress is to use PLR for your content. I know a lot of people don’t understand PLR or may have this idea that everybody has it so why do I want it but really it is a time saver when it comes to the holidays. Besides if you rewrite it just a little and rebrand it with your information it’s nothing like what anyone else has. Ok enough of that right? I could go on and on but I won’t because you guys know what PLR is and how to use it to your advantage.

This Huge Holiday Content PLR Article Deal from All Private Label Content is a PLR package that you can use to your advantage. It’s filled with 69 holiday articles. It covers all kinds of holidays not just the ones coming up this fall. In fact I think they have covered just about all the holidays we have. No they didn’t but it sure looks like it when you look at the list of articles included.

Some of the Articles Cover:

• How to Host a Labor Day Party on a Budgetchristmastreepd
• Why Do We Celebrate Columbus Day?
• Halloween Safety Tips
• Black Friday Safety Tips
• Fun Thanksgiving Snack Ideas
• A Simple Christmas – Why Less Is More
• Budget-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Food
• Family Holiday on a Budget
• Say No to Weight Gain This Holiday Season
• Delicious Seasonal Recipes for the Whole Family
• How to Stay Organized and Sane This Holiday Season

That’s just a start of what you can get in this Huge Holiday Content PLR Article Deal. In fact there are enough articles here to take you into over half of next year. Now that’s content planning at its best! Here’s the scoop on this one if you’re interested. It’s only $17.00 but they only have 78 licenses left and it’s only available for the next 3 days. The holidays can be hectic both personally and in our business so why not take advantage of something that will take away a little of that stress. This package is designed to do that for you. Plus it gives your audience a little insight into how they can make their holiday season a little less hectic. If this offer is something you can use I urge you to go now and grab it before the licenses are gone. People will love this one and jump on it so don’t wait. Grab your holiday PLR deal right now before it’s too late.

All New Relaxing Time PLR Coloring Book

diyrelaxingcoloringbookGood Monday morning everyone. I hope you had a relaxing time this weekend. We all need a day off sometimes just to relieve the stress and regroup. I didn’t do much yesterday and you know this morning I feel refreshed and ready to start a new week. I hope you guys are too.

There are a number of ways to leave the demands of our daily lives for a little bit. One hot trend, that we’ve told you about a lot over the last couple of weeks, are these coloring books. They are in high demand and many people are finding them as a way to “Get Away From It All” for a little bit. I myself have not tried this yet but I can see how it might work to relax the body and ease the mind. DIY PLR has just released an All New Relaxing Time PLR Coloring Book that you can grab for yourself and your customers.

This one is full of 12 professionally designed full pages of mandala and zentangle patterns. They show you them on the sales page and they are really cool. I love the intricate designs and can see how working on one of these could relieve stress and settle the mind. You will have to head over there and see these for yourself. They’ve also included eCovers so you can package this one up and sell it, give it away or whatever you and your audience need and want.

Also for a limited time you can grab their bonus of 4 more designs. If you haven’t taken the time to research how popular these are you should. People are cashing in right and left with these and you should jump on this band wagon before it’s too late. There’s no doubt that you can make money from this All New Relaxing Time PLR Coloring Book. Act quickly and you can save on this package. Now until Tuesday September 8, 2015 this is listed at a special introductory price.

This is the third post we have done for you guys on these coloring books and I bet we do a whole lot more of them. They really are a booming product and it’s a sure way to make some money if you have an audience that needs a little down time for themselves. Take a few minutes to check out these professional designs and if you think you can make some money and help your own customers jump on it. The licenses are selling fast, down to 183 already, so you know people are going nuts over them. I hope you take advantage of this one before it’s too late and the price goes up or the licenses sell out.

New Intuitive Eating Weekend PLR Special

diyintuitiveeatingHappy Weekend everyone! I hope you have some great plans, hopefully outside since summer is almost over. Not much happening here. Working in the garden, playing with our puppies outside, possible trip to the library and of course football and racing on TV. Before we all head off to have a fun filled weekend I wanted to tell you about this new deal from DIY PLR. It’s a good one and it’s an all New Intuitive Eating PLR pack.

There are so many fad diets out there and it’s starting to get a little hectic trying to figure them all out. On top of that people are totally frustrated trying these types of diets and not making any progress with them. But have your readers ever tried intuitive eating? It’s a pretty simple concept. You just listen to what your body tells you. Those little signs will tell you what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Believe it or not it’s one of the healthiest ways to diet.

This all New Intuitive Eating Weekend PLR Special includes a full, detailed report all about this type of healthy diet. It covers what it is, the principles, the challenges, how to get started, knowing what your body is telling you, stocking your shelves, finding alternatives and more. This pack also includes a detailed checklist (2 full pages) to help you through the transition and process. Plus they’ve included an eCover set so you can package this one up for your own customers.

Intuitive eating is fast becoming the go to diet for many. It’s understandable because there’s nothing better than our own bodies to tell us what it needs to be healthy and happy. You can grab this New Intuitive Eating Weekend PLR Special for just $5.00. No coupon code is necessary. It’s only available until Monday August 31, 2015 so if you want it for yourself and your audience then go pick it up right now so you don’t forget. After that head out and have yourself a wonderful and safe weekend and we will see you back here at PLR Arsenal on Monday.

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