Happy Fourth of July everyone! I don’t know about you guys but I was hoping for a long, relaxing weekend but it’s not to be for me. I have to work at my other job the next 3 days, help a friend who is down on her luck, see my sis who is fighting the side effects of chemo due to lung cancer and try to help my husband get his boat out and going for a dry run. There’s a lot going on here so that is why I’m going to make this post short, sweet and to the point. All of us have plans for celebrating and I don’t want to hold anyone up! So without further ado Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate With These PLR Sales!

First up on our Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate with These PLR Sales comes an offer that EXPIRES TONIGHT! It’s perfect for any of you who can relate to busy families and more. It comes from Tiffany at PLR Mini Mart and it’s a good one.

Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate With These PLR Sales

This package contains 20 articles covering meal prep. These articles cover creating a meal prep calendar, prepping meals a week ahead, what type of meals can we put together ahead of time, hacks to make it easier, ideas for bulk prep and more.

You can grab these articles for just $7 but only through TONIGHT! So if you can use these Meal Prep Articles please go now before it’s too late!

Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate With These PLR Sales

She also has a bundle that covers Ditching the Dad Body that I think is worth mentioning to you. You can also grab these for just $7 but you have until Saturday July 9 to pick those up. So make yourself a note and bookmark this post so you don’t forget!

The rest of these Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate with These PLR Sales are available through Monday July 4th but if you really want them go now before you forget about them too.

Sue at Buy PLR Today is celebrating Canada Day and she has one heck of an offer for you. She’s never offered anything like this before and I promise you it’s well worth checking out.

You can get an ALL ACCESS PASS for a very low price. What do you get with this-EVERYTHING she has EXCEPT her PLR Savings Club. This also applies to all products prior to June 30th, 2016.

She Carries Content Covering:

• HealthHappy Fourth of July-Celebrate With These PLR Sales
• Business
• Lifestyle
• Self-Improvement
• And more…

You’ll get this content in many different formats including reports, articles, slides, videos, social media posts, images and more. You really need to go check it out to see everything she includes in her PLR packs.

Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate With These PLR SalesNext we have another weekend deal from DIY PLR. Through Monday you can pick up a PLR report that covers “Weight Loss and Mental Clarity Through Intermittent Fasting” along with a Checklist and eCover graphics.

The report covers the benefits, fasting models, what to eat and what not to eat, who it benefits, reasons it succeeds and fails, what to do next and more. This is a hot new trend for those who are looking to lose weight and gain mental clarity. With this report you can help your customers to see how they can benefit and succeed with this type of fasting.

Sounds like this Intermittent Fasting package would costs you bundle but not with DIY’s weekend PLR Deal! You can grab it through Monday for just $7.00! That’s 70% off the regular price.

All Private Label Content has a new report that may spark the interest of those who are looking for balance and happiness in their lives.

This huge 21-page report is all about Maintaining Balance in the Pursuit of Happiness. It comes with eCover graphics as well.

The Report Covers:

• Reducing StressHappy Fourth of July-Celebrate With These PLR Sales
• Focusing on Wellness
• Avoiding Burnout
• Tips
• And More…

It’s not easy trying to maintain balance while pursuing happiness and your readers will be grateful for the help you can give them with this report.

Go before Monday and you’ll get 30% off this huge Maintaining Balance in the Pursuit of Happiness report. Use Coupon Code: BEHAPPY to get your savings.

Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate With These PLR SalesThe last of our Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate With These PLR Sales, for now anyway, that we want to tell you about is from Trish at Kitchen PLR. She’s working on getting everything transferred over to Kitchen Bloggers (formerly Food A Plenty) and decided to give you guys a huge deal on the content she carries at Kitchen PLR.

Now through Monday you WILL save 40% on your purchase. What does she carry? All kinds of content to help you promote your site, make sales and more. She has packages that include Vegetarian foods, product reviews, recipes with photos, healthy eating, cast iron cooking, slow cookers, juicers and more. Just about anything you would want for a cooking site, affiliate site that caters to cooking items and well anything kitchen and eating related!

Again you will Save 40% off EVERY item when you use Coupon Code: KITCHENPLR at checkout. I need to get my butt over there and check out what she has that I don’t have! This stuff is great for Gram Grams Kitchen!

Ok that’s it for now. Be sure to check these out before you get busy with your celebrations and forget. I hope all of you have a very Happy July 4th! Enjoy your family and friends, the food, the fireworks and most of all the reason we celebrate on this wonderful day. Thank you everyone for your continued support of PLR Arsenal! We wouldn’t be here without you all! Now go grab your Happy Fourth of July-Celebrate with These PLR Sales and then have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

I don’t know about you, but for a lot of business owners, coaches, authors, speakers, experts, etc., it’s a lot of work to create the material you want to deliver to your customers on an ongoing basis. To do this you must brainstorm ideas, research the info, wade through all that research to narrow it down, turn it into a cohesive structure and then create your product. And truly that’s just for starters. But what if it wasn’t that hard? That’s the secret that I have to share with you today. It’s What Secret Business Owners Use For Faster Ways to Profit

You see, Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold from Coach Glue, create “done for you” programs, forms, workbooks and planners that experts just like you love to use as shortcuts. It really is The Secret Business Owners Use For Faster Ways to Profit!

But here’s where it gets especially exciting. The content comes with special rights so that you can ALSO add YOUR logo and branding on them and customize them as much you wish. Once you’ve edited them just how you want them, the fun begins.

In Fact You Can:What Secret Business Owners Use For Faster Profit

• Stick YOUR Own Logo on Them
• Feature YOUR Own Examples
• Monetize Them as Much as You Want
• Use Them as Teaching Tools
• Sell Them
• Create Training Programs
• Include Them as Bonuses
• And more…

Just an example: They have a Social Media Planner right now that I know you’ll love. Just imagine how much you can use and reuse this printable planner for your own use, to help your customers with their social media planning, and even create training and sell it from your own site. Yep right out of the box, you can use them for your own business growth and to help other’s grow their business.

Imagine taking the planner and turning each exercise into a video training that you then sell for $197? Then turn that system into an outline for a weekend retreat that you host in the mountains at a cabin that you rented for an entire month.

What if it was easy? Well it is if you check out What Secret Business Owners Use For Faster Ways to Profit! You can pick up Planners, Workbooks, Kits, Programs and more. Best part is it’s all done for you. None of the above steps involved.

Another example is the Finance Kit. It’s full of everything you need to create individual products, bonuses, opt-in reports, training material and the list goes on and on! One simple kit can help you boost your profits as well as save you tons of time.

If you want in on What Secret Business Owners Use For Faster Ways to Profit, then head over to Coach Glue and check them out. Use this special coupon code to save $20: JUNE but don’t wait. This code expires at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!!!!

Seriously, you can spend hours creating your own content but why? Instead start with these done-for-you products. Use them as shortcut’s to get your product ready faster. Money loves speed and I just handed you the speed you need. Do you want to release your next product in 6 months or in 24 hours? Money follows speed. It just makes sense to use this shortcut to faster profits. Your competition sure is. Go now and check out What Secret Business Owners Use For Faster Ways to Profit before it’s too late.

Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals

genericsaletagsHappy Weekend to all of you! I know I haven’t been around a lot these past couple of weeks and for that I’m sorry. We were on vacation! We decided at the last minute to head off to Virginia to my grandson Zach’s graduation and then go down to North Carolina where my husband was born. Our last stop was Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. It was fun and exciting but I was glad to get home and believe it or not back to work! I’m a routine person and I needed to get back to my daily stuff LOL. So that’s what I’m going to do. Here’s Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals! They come from Tiffany at PLR Mini Mart, All Private Label Content, Coach Glue. Buy PLR Today and Piggy Makes Bank. These are some pretty good deals, some with expirations on them and some with Coupon Codes. There’s a lot of different topics covered with these so let’s check them out.

The first deal comes from Tiffany at PLR Mini Mart. This one is all about self-defense, something all of us need to know. In fact, while we were on vacation this content would have been good for me to have. I was sitting in my car in West Virginia and a man came up yelling and screaming that he had to have money. I was scared to death. I froze and couldn’t get ahold of my husband, who was shopping, which made it even scarier. I probably would have been a little less frightened if I would have had this quality information on how to protect myself.

Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals

This PLR package contains 20 articles that cover different areas of protecting yourself. They talk about being aware, the run-hide-fight system, self-defense for survival, non-lethal protection options, mental preparation, protecting your home from attack, senior citizens and self-defense, tools necessary to protect yourself, making noise as a self-deterrent, teaching your children survival tactics, using knives, guns, ammo and much more.

There’s a lot of great information here if you have readers who believe they need to know more about self-defense. Here’s the deal on this one: The public is paying $20 for this pack if they go to her PLR store but you can grab these Self-Defense Articles through this special offer for just $7.00! The deal ends on Monday June 27, 2016 so if you can use these don’t wait.

The next PLR deal is from All Private Label Content. This is one of their weekend $5 sales and it’s on a topic that just about anyone who has an online business can learn from. It’s all about email marketing.

In this package you’ll get 10 articles, 10 social media post and 3 images to use with your content.

The Articles Cover:Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals

• Comparing AWeber, iContact and GetResponse
• When and How Often You Should Send Emails
• Using Email to Sell
• Creating Attractive “Hooks”
• Using Your Own Voice
• Writing Attention Getting Titles
• Using Emails Over and Over
• And more…

These articles cover just about everything your customers need to know about email marketing. I may head over and grab them myself because I’m always up for new ideas etc. when it comes to my emails. If you have an audience who could use a little help with their Email Marketing efforts go grab this one for just $5. They only have 94 licenses left and if they sell those before the end of day Monday June 27 then this package is gone for good. Please don’t wait because all of us, newbies and old hats, can always use some help when it comes to creating and sending out those oh so valuable emails.

Here’s a pretty good deal from Coach Glue. They have all their planners and forms discounted until Thursday June 30, 2016.

Your Weekly Dose of PLR DealsThey have a full page of done-for-you planners that can help coaches, business owners, marketing strategist, blog owners and more. These planners cover a number of different areas including designing and planning a website, a speech planner, price increases, book brainstorming, Facebook ads, telling your story, launching a workshop, a 12-month marketing and profit planner, Google Hangout planner, product creation planner, social media planning, a newsletter planner and much more.

You don’t have to be a coach to take advantage of these planners and if you act by Thursday at midnight you can get any or all of these for $20 off the regular price. Just use Coupon Code: JUNE to save big on these Planners.

Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals

Melissa and Nicole also have a number of their done-for-you forms on sale as well. You can grab 7 Done-for-You Letters to Grow Your Client Base, 10 Done-for-You Letters to Help You Manage Difficult Client Situations, Letters to Help You Collect Money Owed to You and Your Business, 17 Done-for-You Forms that will Help You Spend Less Time on Paperwork, a Finance Kit Filled with Forms for Money Tracking and Planning, a Webinar in a Box with 17 Templates, Checklists, Charts and Agendas to Make your Next Webinar More Profitable Than Ever and more.

These Done-for-You Forms are all set up to save you both time and money. Grab any or all of these before midnight Thursday and you’ll save $10 on each one you grab! Just use Coupon Code: JUNE when you check out.

Here is the last of Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals and it comes from Buy PLR Today. She has just released a new self-help package called “Look Good Feel Good” and Sue is giving you 2 different purchase options on this one.

The first option is to purchase the full pack which includes:Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals

• Look Good to Feel Good Report
• Editable eCovers in 2 styles
• PowerPoint Slides
• MP4 Video from Slides
• 10 Social Media Posts
• 5 Tip Posters

The second option is a partial pack and that content includes:

• Look Good to Feel Good Report
• PowerPoint Slides
• MP4 Video from Slides

This PLR is all about how looking good can help you feel better. It’s perfect for educating your audience on looking younger, feeling better and boosting their confidence.

If this Look Better Feel Better PLR is something you can use to help your readers head on over there and check it out. She didn’t say how long the 2 option purchase is available so don’t wait if you really want to take advantage of this one.

Ok that’s all we have right now but there could always be more before the day is over. If there is we will be sure to come back and add them to this post so you don’t miss anything. Be sure to check out Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals before it’s too late to grab them. After that go have yourself a safe and fun weekend. Thanks everyone for being a part of the PLR Arsenal family. We appreciate you more than you know! See you Monday.

Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals

P.S. We forgot to tell you about a couple of cool PLR packs from Piggy Makes Bank. The first one is about Planting Salad Bowls. This is a hot new indoor gardening trend that people are going crazy over. They also have a new PLR pack that covers Frugal Summer Fun. It contains a report, 12 articles and 12 social media posts all for one low price. If you can use either of these now’s the time to grab them!

Your Weekly Dose of PLR Deals

New PLR: Growing and Preserving Fifteen Popular HerbsOne of my favorite seasons is Spring! I just love it when things start to grow again. I love all the pretty colors and the smell of fresh grass. It’s also my favorite time of the year because I can start growing my beloved herbs. Yes I love to cook and there’s nothing I enjoy more than seasoning my cooking food with fresh, home grown herbs. They just make everything taste so much better! That’s why I ran right over and grabbed this New PLR: Growing and Preserving Fifteen Popular Herbs from Kitchen Bloggers. It’s going to bring an added addition not only to my own kitchen but to the kitchens of those who are followers of Gram Grams Kitchen!

I was always afraid of trying to grow my own herbs. I thought you needed to be an “expert” gardener to get them to grow. Boy was I wrong. I don’t have a green thumb at all so I was afraid that I would just kill them. But I tried it anyway and it amazed me how little you have to do to get some pretty tasty herbs. Really I just planted them, watered them when they needed it, if I remembered LOL and they just took off. I was thrilled when I snipped off those first pinches to use. If you have followers who want to use fresh herbs in their cooking but are afraid like I was then you need to grab this New PLR: Growing and Preserving Fifteen Popular Herbs to show them they don’t need to worry if they don’t have a green thumb.

This PLR contains an 18-page visual report that will walk your readers through growing some pretty popular herbs. It covers basil, cilantro, dill, lavender, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, stevia, thyme, rosemary, chives, fennel, Echinacea and chamomile. All of these are popular herbs and many of them can be used for more than just cooking. Yes, herbs have a healthy effect and can be used for more than just adding flavor to our foods.

Trish has also included in this huge PLR package a tip sheet that covers all 15 herbs as well as images to help you with your marketing efforts. It’s a huge package and well worth it if you have customers who want to grow their own herbs.

She’s also been kind enough to give you guys a Coupon that will save you $5 on your purchase. Just use Code: ACTFAST to get your savings. You don’t even have to copy and paste it from here if you don’t want too. She has it at the bottom of her sales page so you can just grab it right there when you are ready to check out! Thanks Trish for making it so easy for all of us to save on this pack. The Coupon is only good through Friday June 24 though so please don’t wait if you want this one.

Growing our own herbs makes sense. It saves us time and money, adds great flavor to our foods and they are a healthy benefit as well. If you can use this New PLR: Growing and Preserving Fifteen Popular Herbs, please don’t hesitate to go grab it now before the coupon expires. It’s a great way to give your readers what they need to create not only tasty but healthy meals for their families.

Grab This Low Carb PLR Cookbook Quick

I’m not much on diets. It seems to me that every time I turn around there’s a new diet that everyone is trying only to be replaced by another new diet trend in a month or two. Sometimes I think the best thing is for people to just eat healthier and not put so much emphasis on trying out the newest trends. I have noticed that a lot of people believe in and stick with the low carb diet. One reason I feel they stick to it is because it works for so many different reasons. It helps those who want to lose weight as well as those who deal with gluten sensitivity, people with problems eating grains, those who have insulin issues as well as those who need to increase their energy levels. If you have a low carb following, people who suffer from illness or food sensitivity or have followers who are looking for a healthier way to lose weight then this new PLR from DIY is something you need to check into. Plus, if you Grab This Low Carb PLR Cookbook Quick you’ll save 50% off the regular price.

Low carb eating really has become a huge trend. People seem to stick with this diet because they see results. With this PLR you can help your readers understand the low carb diet. It’s a great way to help them create the right mindset, see the benefits as well as giving them some main dish recipes to get them started on the right foot.

This is not just a cookbook. It’s actually a report that goes into great detail about the low carb diet.Grab This Low Carb PLR Cookbook Quick

The Report Covers:

• What a Low Carb Diet Is
• Creating a Low Carb Mindset
• Learning to Adjust to a Low Carb Diet
• The Benefits
• And more….

It also includes a number of simple recipes, with 3 ingredients or less, to help your customers get started on creating tasty meals they are sure to enjoy. DIY has also included 10 social media graphics and eCover graphics in this package as well.

If you Grab This Low Carb PLR Cookbook Quick and use Coupon Code: CARBS you’ll save 50% on the regular price. But you really do need to be fast to get this deal because it ends tonight, June 23, 2016.

Going low carb is a healthy way to eat. It’s perfect for food sensitivity, people who suffer from different illnesses and is a sure way to lose weight and gain energy. If you have a following that could use this type of content, you need to go and Grab This Low Carb PLR Cookbook Quick! It’s full of great information as well as those super easy recipes. Help your followers see that eating low carb is healthy for them by picking this one up while you can get it at such a low price!

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