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aplcfreemarketingI know we spend a lot of time here promoting many different types of PLR. It probably gets a little frustrating for those of you who are looking for the right packages from the right suppliers. We understand those frustrations and that’s why when we get these FREE packages we get them out to you as soon as we can. It’s also why we create our FREE page. It makes it easier for you to find PLR that fits your niche and gives you the opportunity to check out the different suppliers and what they have to offer you without a huge out lay of your profits.

We have always been a huge fan of All Private Label Content. Why? First they have quality PLR. They research their topics extensively so you get a product that is worthy of your own readers. Their content includes everything you need to create the products your customers are looking for and it’s all very well written from the titles all the way through to your call of action. We have to admit that we are a little partial here because at one time I wrote all the recipes for their PLR content. That was many years ago when I worked with my daughter Arika but I promise when I tell you that they know what they are doing it’s a fact. You’ll never get bad products from them ever!

This year they have decided not to go with a huge Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale. Instead they are updating all of their FREE PLR packages and giving us the opportunity to pass it on to you, our valued customers.

First up is their FREE Updated Marketing PLR Package. It contains a 7-page report filled with tips for understanding saturated markets and how to make your product stand out from all the rest. It also includes a flat and a 3 D cover image as well as 5 articles. The articles include effective ways to partner with influencers, getting your current customers to refer you to their friends and family, how to position yourself as a leader, creating new products and services to sustain your profits and how to stop hiding even though you are in plain sight of your possible followers.

The great thing about FREE PLR is you get a chance, at no charge, to see exactly what you are going to get if you lay out money to purchase a supplier’s pack. It’s a huge help in deciding where you want to spend your hard earned dollars.

This is not the only pack they are updating either. If marketing isn’t your niche stay tuned because over the next week they will be releasing updated FREE packs in a number of topics. We will be sure to get those out to you as soon as they are live so stay tuned!

If marketing is your niche, then go right now and grab this FREE Updated Marketing PLR Package. You can use it for blog posts, emails, create an eBook to sell or give a way, use it in a newsletter or whatever you need. Free PLR is perfect for so many reasons and now you can grab quality content to check out, use and even make a little money from.

All New Clean Eating Thirty Day Challenge PLR

With the holidays fast approaching many of your readers are going to nose dive off the healthy eating track. We all do it. How can we not with all the delicious foods everyone has to offer us? The bad part, we always feel so guilty about it. We shouldn’t but we do. Because of that guilt we scramble to find ways to get back on track as quickly as possible. Now you can give your followers exactly what they are looking for with this All New Clean Eating Thirty Day Challenge PLR!

Ruth from Content Shortcuts has just released this package and it’s a good one. It’s pretty much an all done for you product that you can offer your readers as soon as the holidays are over. It contains the challenge eBook with editable eCovers, a worksheet, a report also with an editable eCover, checklists and articles you can use on your blog, in a newsletter and more.

The Articles Cover:cshortcutscleaneatchallenge

• Which is Better Cooked or Raw
• Healthy Snack Ideas
• Healthy Cooking Oils
• Getting Enough Fruits and Veggies
• Can VS Fresh
• Eating Several Smaller Meals a Day
• Unrefined VS Refined Foods
• And much more…

That’s a lot of content but she didn’t stop there. She’s also included social media images, a huge infographic about clean eating, social media posts written to work on Twitter, royalty free images, mini sugar, salt and fat blueprints, marketing bylines, keywords and more. Oh and she has great bonus too. It’s access to her “How To Use Your PLR” course she is doing in December to help you make money by using your PLR products. WOW! That’s pretty cool!

She’s even gone as far as setting up your clean eating eBook into a 30-day challenge so you can stretch all this out to enhance your customer’s knowledge and your sales. Plus, you can deliver your products online or even via email. The possibilities are endless with this one. Oh and to sweeten the whole deal she has it discounted but only for the next 7 days.

If you have a niche that supports healthy eating in any way, then you need to check out this All New Clean Eating Thirty Day Challenge PLR for your customers. It’s perfect for that “after the holiday guilt” that all of us feel. Go see what this one offers you. We think you’ll be excited about all the content as well as the low price. Hurry though because the price will be going up soon.

Plan Your Business Year With This New PLR Workbook

cgyearplannerCan you guys believe that 2015 is almost over! Where did it go? Seems like just yesterday I was planning out my 2015 business year and now I have to do it again. Never stops does it LOL. Do you plan out your business ahead of time? Do your customers and clients? Most of us do because it makes it easier and it’s less time consuming when we are in a rush to get things done. But for those who don’t and those clients you know need too, we have a great offer from Coach Glue for you.

Here’s the thing with these products from Coach Glue. They are all ready for you to use. You don’t have to create the idea, do any writing, put any packages together, in fact you have to do very little. Why? Because they do it all for you.

This new workbook is no different. They set it all up so you can inform your customers, teach your clients, train your assistants and more. And believe me when I tell you that your people are going to love this one. It will show them how and make it easier for them to move their business into 2016. It will help them understand that this type of planning will help them grow and be more profitable.

This Plan Your Business Year With This New PLR Workbook includes exercises to help your clients understand why they need to do this. It helps them with their short term, long term and life visions for their business. It walks them through goal setting, creating do-able tasks and accountability. It gives them resources to create a yearly plan that will work. It even goes as far as showing them how to celebrate their past and future accomplishments. Plus, they include the checklists your customers need to ensure they get things done and accomplished in a timely manner.

With Coach Glue you not only get a great done for you product but you also get permission to edit the content if you want, add your business logo/name to it, create a product to sell or a product to give a way and so much more. You can use it to train, teach and inform you customers in just about any way you want. It’s a win win for both you and your clients.

Here’s the scoop on this Plan Your Business Year With This New PLR Workbook. They normally price these low so you can take advantage of them without breaking your budget but if you act fast you can grab this one at an even lower price. You have until midnight Tuesday November 24 to get it for just $19.00. What a steal! I’ll let you in on a little secret they said they won’t raise the price until they get up on Wed. morning but don’t tell anyone ok LOL.

If you can use this planner to help your customers plan a better 2016 business year, then now’s the time to grab it. We promise you are going to love this workbook and your customers are going to want it. Remember you can use these for yourself as well. Go now and check it out and remember you only have until midnight tonight to pick it up at this incredibly low price.

Unlimited Access To All PLR Products


If you use PLR then you know how valuable it really is. It saves you time, money and a lot of stress am I right? The purpose of PLR Arsenal is to bring the PLR we find out there that may help you in your business. That’s why we think you need to know about this huge PLR deal from Alph Media!

For the next 7 days you have a chance at Unlimited Access To All PLR Products they have over there. You’ll get new and already released PLR. In fact, in the last 6 months they’ve released over 40 PLR products and they average around 51 pieces of new PLR every single week. So your possibilities are endless with this deal.

They currently have over 2,500 PLR videos, articles, eBooks, reports, photos and graphics available to members. That means you’ll have all the content you need to dominate your market, attract new prospects and keep the peeps you already have happy and coming back for more.

This content can be used in any number of markets. If you have a niche in health, business, marketing, family, fitness, crafting, food, organic, natural, well just about any market (you’ll have to head over to see the full list it’s entirely too much to add here) then this PLR deal is for you.

With this one you can save thousands of dollars on your PLR purchases, on hiring a writer to create your content and save hours upon hours trying to create your own. It really is a deal you can’t pass up. For the next 7 days you can jump in on this one at the lowest available price. In fact, they will never drop the price this low again.

If you use PLR and want a guarantee that you’ll have all the content you need then this is perfect for you. Head on over there right now and check out this Unlimited Access To All PLR Products deal. We think you’ll be amazed at the content they have, the formats they deliver it in, as well as the low, low price. Remember though the price is only good through Tuesday November 24, 2015. After that it goes back up to the regular price. Go now so you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Brand New Paleo For Weight Loss PLR

With the holidays coming up many of your readers are probably looking for weight loss information. They may want to lose weight so they can get in those party clothes or maybe they want information in case they indulge too much. So if you are looking for weight loss content this Brand New Paleo For Weight Loss PLR is what you need to grab.

Do you have the time to create that content? Probably not. So why not let Whole Foods PLR do the work for you. The Paleo for Weight Loss pack has everything you need to help your community start to lose weight quickly both before and after the holidays.

This PLR pack includes 10 articles all about using the Paleo diet to quickly lose weight while keeping your body healthy and going strong.

Topics Include:wfoodspaleoweightloss

• Your New Way of Life
• Tweaking The Paleo Diet To Lose Weight
• Being Successful With The Paleo Lifestyle
• To Workout or Not to Workout
• Become a Water Warrior
• Paleo Foods That Shrink the Stomach
• Batch Cooking
• The Benefits of Superfoods
• Paleo Detoxifying Foods You Should Eat Every Day
• Success and Rewards

Plus she’s added a bonus article Target Heart Rate Controversy, a topic that everyone needs to know about. But that’s not all the bonuses you can pick up when you grab this Brand New Paleo For Weight Loss PLR. She’s also giving you 20 social media posts, an eCover set and she’s combined all the articles into a report that contains a table of contents, introduction and a conclusion. It’s perfect for creating your own product for your customers.

What could be better? Well there’s 2 options available when you go to purchase this Brand New Paleo For Weight Loss PLR. First she lets you grab just this pack for $10.00 or how about getting 10 Paleo articles every month? When you become a member that is exactly what you will get. That option is only $7.00 each month you remain a member. It’s well worth it if you need Paleo content on a constant basis. Go see the fantastic content Rachel has for you. Be sure to grab the option that best works for you.

P.S. Not sure this PLR is right for you and your customers? Go right here> FREE PALEO ARTICLES to check out the content Rachel creates. Once you see these we think you’ll want this to a part of your own arsenal!

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