Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag Waves
All of us here at PLR Arsenal love racing. It doesn’t matter if it’s horses, cars or even on foot-WE LOVE IT! Did any of you watch the Derby last weekend? It was a nail bitter to the end. My horse didn’t win or place or show LOL but it was still fun to watch. Now we are gearing up for next weekend’s Sprint All Star race and then it’s on to the 100th running of the Indy 500! I just love the month of May. It’s full of great racing adventures for sure and I won’t miss any of them if I can help it LOL. Let us know if you like racing, are watching or better yet attending any of the races this month. We would love to hear from you and chat about all your favorite racing adventures.
Since there isn’t any major racing going on this weekend (Sprint Cup is at Dover and of course the Grand Prix at Indianapolis) we thought you might have a little extra time to check out some PLR Savings. We have 4 great deals going on this weekend! There’s some really good ones for you to check out. So now’s the time to Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag Falls!

Your first stop might be at Tools For Motivation. Justin and Ted have a huge package on sale until Sunday May 15, 2016 at 11:59 PM that covers Forgiveness. This “I’m Sorry” bundle is full of information on the power of forgiveness.
This one is huge. He offers you a main report, a short report, 5 eCovers, articles, a sales page, download page, a checklist, a trainer’s slide deck, an infographic, quote posters, a post-sales autoresponder series and more. You just have to go check it out to see everything that is included in this entire package.

The Main Report Topics Include:Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag Waves

• Forgiveness Can Restore Your Life
• Forgiveness How to Get There
• Forgiveness Shows Strength of Character
• Get Your Power Back with Forgiveness
• How to Get Revenge by Forgiving
• Mental Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Forgiveness
• Religion and Forgiveness
• The Difference in Reconciliation and Forgiveness
• The Irony of Forgiveness
• Why It’s So Difficult to Forgive

Plus, he’s added a big bonus bundle to this one that covers the topic of dealing with difficult people. The bonus includes an eBook, a workbook, an audio book, infographic and more. Go check it out. It’s unreal all he’s put into this one.

You can grab this huge Forgiveness PLR pack for $60 off the store price if act before 11:59 PM, Sunday May 16. If you can use this for your readers go now and grab it all for just $17! It’s a pretty good PLR savings if you really need this type of content.

Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag WavesNext race on over to Piggy Makes Bank and Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag Falls! They have a new PLR package that covers the topic of list building, something just about everyone struggles with. It’s full of quality information to educate your customers on strategies to easily build and nurture that important list.

This List Building package contains a report, articles, social media posts, a checklist, autoresponder emails and more. The report will teach your readers  how to plan goals, to create welcome emails & thank you pages, writing quick, easy emails, autoresponders, tracking results, feedback, tweaking emails, planning the next round and more.

As you can see there’s everything you need to teach your audience how to effectively use their emails to build a list that they can be proud of. You can get this New List Building PLR for $27.00 but if you really want it and act quickly you can save $10! You have until Monday May 16, 2016 to use Coupon Code: BUILDIT to get that savings.

Now let’s race on over to Content Shortcuts and check out this Fitness Retirement Sale she has going on this weekend.She’s put 6 of her best fitness packs on sale for just $9.00 each. She usually sells these for $39 to $47 each but you can Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag Falls for a lot less if act fast.Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag Waves

The 6 packages she has on this retirement sale cover running, busting belly fat, calorie counting, body tone up, yoga and barre fitness. These are topics so many people are craving information on. Each product comes with an eBook, product reviews, articles, images, social media posts, keywords, comparison charts and more. Everything you need to help your audience be fit, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


She has each of these Fitness PLR packages listed for just $9 but if you can use this type of content the best deal is to buy all 6 for just $20. That’s a 92% savings and you just can’t beat that. Oh and if she sells all the licenses for a package it’s gone for good! You can’t drag your wheels or you might end up with 2nd place or at the tail end of this race! You only have until Monday to win this PLR deal so go now before it’s too late to take home first place!



The last race to Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag Falls is over to Content Sparks. She’s just released a new package that covers Launching Your Product Like a Pro. Who doesn’t need help with that LOL! I sure would if I had a product to get out there.

She has really filled this one up with some great content. She includes all the materials you need to help your customers have a successful product launch. There’s instructor materials, promotional materials and course materials.

The Course Modules Cover:

1. Why Launch Your Product
2. Pre-Launch Success
3. The Launch Phase
4. Launch Priorities
5. Managing Your Launch
6. Creating Your Action Plan

The instructor materials include slides, speakers notes, evaluation forms, follow-up emails, facilitator guide and more. The promotional materials include an opt-in page and report, blog posts, sales page, checklist and more.

If you can use this type of content race on over there and check out all the great stuff she includes in this Product Launch Success package. You won’t believe it when you see it. You also won’t believe the price she has this listed for right now. In fact, you’ll save $100 on it if you grab it before Tuesday May 17! It really is a good deal if you need this type of content for your customers.

Ok I’m off to the races. I have a lot of running around to do today before I have to go to work at 2. I’ll be out of gas way before the checkered flag drops here LOL but that’s okay because I have extra fuel (some tasty goodies) in my bag to keep me going all night (or so we hope lol). I sure hope you guys get a chance to Grab Your PLR Savings Before the Checkered Flag Waves this weekend. I don’t want any of you to finish in last place or worse yet not finish at all especially if you want any of this top notch content. I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled weekend. Know that we are very thankful to have all of you on board here at PLR Arsenal. We appreciate you so very, very much.

Have any of you ever been to a virtual summit? I haven’t, so I was a little lost when I got the email about this New PLR Guide. From what I have found out, this is like a conference or convention but it’s online. It removes all the boundaries that a real life summit can have. It gives you the opportunity to have experts on the subject that may not be able to make it to the real thing. It can boost your attendee count because more people may be able to attend online than at a live event. It opens up doors that may not be open to your business in more ways than one. It helps you leverage your expertise and can bring you both fame and profits. That’s why we think your audience will be very interested in this All New PLR Guide-Hosting Your Own Virtual Summit. Now you can educate your readers on how to hold and profit from their very own Virtual Summit!

From what I’ve found in my research this is a very highly sought out topic. Why? Because it can be so profitable. Plus, it can save you, the host, a lot of time and money. Another plus, an event like this gives more of your followers a chance to attend and more experts a bigger chance to speak. It’s something that any business owner, in any niche can take advantage of.

DIY PLR has released this All New PLR Guide-Hosting Your Own Virtual Summit to help you educate your customers on how simple it can be to create a virtual event for their followers. It comes with the extensive guide, checklist and eCovers.

The PLR Guide Covers:All New PLR Guide-Hosting Your Own Virtual Summit

• Developing Your Topic
• Choosing Speakers
• Attracting Speakers
• Creating an Awesome Sales Page
• Launching Your Summit
• Troubleshooting, Outsourcing and Following Up
• Plus more…

If you have readers who are interested in learning how to host their own online event, this All New PLR Guide-Hosting Your Own Virtual Summit is perfect for teaching them. It has all the information they need to be successful.

If you think your audience could learn and grow with this PLR Guide, then now’s the time for you to pick it up. Alice has been kind enough to give us a Coupon Code that will save you 50% on the regular price. Just head on over and check out this All New PLR Guide-Hosting Your Own Virtual Summit. Use Coupon Code: SUMMIT when you check out. Don’t wait though because the code is only good through Friday May 13, 2016.

Virtual summits are simpler, they allow you to involve more people, both professionals and attendees, they can save you money, time and best of all they can make a huge difference when it comes to your profits. They work for any type of business and can cover just about any topic. It’s a win-win for any business. Go now and grab this Virtual Summit PLR Guide and use it to create your own online event to teach your customers how to host their own experience which will help them grow their business and build their profits.

If you are in any type of health niche you know that people are searching for information about living a healthier lifestyle on a constant basis. They want to be healthy and they want help to get that way. From fitness to foods and more, people are searching out the information to help them feel better and live longer. So if you Need Health Content-Save Big On This Huge PLR Bundle! You could be the one to give your audience the education they are looking for with this Huge PLR Health Content Bundle!

This bundle contains 3 different reports on subjects that will help your customers see the benefits of being healthy. They come from Buy PLR Today and each report is quality content and written to give your followers the information they need to eat better, fill their bodies with healthy nutrients as well as dieting ways to help them lose weight, build their metabolism and create a healthy lifestyle.

Need Health Content-Save Big On This Huge PLR BundleThe first report is all about going meatless. Why meatless? It saves people money but it also improves one’s overall health. This report is a total of 6 pages with 2,235 words. This is a great report to share with those who are concerned about cutting meat completely out of their diets. It’s hard to know if it’s right or wrong but with this one your readers will have inside information to help them make the right choice for them. It regularly sells for $6 but not if you grab it in this bundle deal. In fact, you can get this one for free if you grab this deal.

The second report covers eating smarter. It includes 8 full pages, 2,266 words and is full of great information on how your readers can live a healthier lifestyle by eating the right foods.

The Report Talks About:Need Health Content-Save Big On This Huge PLR Bundle

• How to Eat Smarter
• Healthy Foods to Eat
• Adding Exercise
• It’s Okay to Snack
• Healthy Resolutions

If you just purchased this report from the site, it would cost you $7, but with this Need Health Content-Save Big On This Huge PLR Bundle you can grab it for, well it would be free!

Need Health Content-Save Big On This Huge PLR BundleThe last report helps your audience understand nutrient cycling and how it can help them lose weight and enhance their metabolism. It’s all about eating certain foods and targeting specific glands in the body. The report contains 9 pages, a total of 2,179 words. This one also includes a title page and royalty free images. These images will work great if you plan on packing this one up for sale or to use on any of your social media posts.

The regular price of this one is $5! That’s a pretty good price for all you get with this report. Your readers will enjoy learning about Nutrient Cycling and how it can help them find that extra energy.

If this Health Content sounds like something you could use to help your customer’s now’s the time to grab it. The whole package will only cost you $5.00 if you grab it before Noon on Thursday May 12, 2016.

So the bottom line on this Health PLR Bundle is you could grab all 3 reports for the regular price of the Nutrient Cycling report. That’s a $13 savings, basically 2 free reports, if you go get them right now. If you Need Health Content-Save Big On This Huge PLR Bundle NOW before it’s too late to get the content your customers are searching for.

Save Hours With This "Done-For-You" Food Photo ContentIt can take hours upon hours to create the content we need for our sites especially a cooking site. I know, I have one and I’m so far behind on it that it’s downright embarrassing. My biggest issue is creating the photos I need. I always forget to take pictures of the food I cook or when I remember they look awful. I’m not much of a photographer LOL. That why I love this Food Club and the content it offers me. I do Save Hours With This “Done-For-You” Food Content! I also save a lot of money with this one. Why? Because it costs a heck of a lot of dollars to get those photos I need when I have to purchase them online.

This Food Club comes from Kitchen Bloggers (formerly Food A Plenty) and it’s really worth it if you have a cooking or food site and need photos to bring your content all together. But you won’t only get great images with this club! You’ll also receive product reviews, cookbook reviews, theme related social media graphics, a tip sheet and 15 recipes too! This month’s content covers chicken and June’s is all about soups, salads and sandwiches.

This Month’s Recipes Include:

• Stuffed Chicken Breasts
• Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
• Fast and Easy Baked Chicken Fingers
• Braised Chicken Thighs with Portobello Mushroom Sauce
• Cheesy Chicken Cutlets
• 3 Tasty Marinade Recipes
• Chicken Quesadillas
• And more…

It’s a perfect way to ensure you have the content you need for your food site and social media posts. More importantly it will definitely save you both time and money. Here’s the scoop on joining this Food Club. Head on over there and check it all out. Then jump on board by signing up for the membership. The introductory price is just $17! WOW that’s a whole lot cheaper then purchasing those stock images each month not to mention creating the recipes you need, the social media posts and the extra content you need to keep your readers happy. PLUS, everyone who signs up at this low price will keep it as long as they remain a member! You can only get in on this low price if you act by 9:00 PM Eastern time next Sunday, May 15, 2016 so if you’re interested go check it out now before it’s too late.

I know that sometimes joining a membership-club can be a little intimidating but I think this one is well worth checking out if you have a food site. Really there’s everything in this club to keep your site going month after month. With this low price you just can’t beat it. The cost to join is less than you’ll pay for those stock images I promise! Give this Food Club a try and see what you think. If it doesn’t work for you then cancel with no questions asked. From one food blogger to another, I promise you will Save Hours With This “Done-For-You” Food Content. Go see for yourself before it’s too late to get in on this super low, well worth it price!

New How To Grow Your Own Tomato Garden PLRP.S. If you have a group that loves to garden check out Kitchen Bloggers New How To Grow Your Own Tomato Garden PLR pack! It’s a doozy. I got mine and I’m excited about it. I’m working hard to get the info up on Gram Grams Kitchen. This isn’t part of her Food Club so you’ll have to click on the link above if you want to pick this one up. She has the price lowered to $15 but only for a short time so don’t wait if you can use this one!

We’ve talked a number of times here about how crazy people are over these adult coloring books. They love them. I have friends who have purchased any number of them. It’s crazy but they really enjoy them. I myself have never purchased any of them but as I see them grow in popularity I may chance my thinking about that. If you want to be a part of this growing pastime, then Jump On The Adult Coloring Book Craze With This PLR. The way things are looking it could be your biggest seller! Just think of the adults you could bring on board by offering them this coloring book PLR!

This bundle comes from Kelly McCausey and her PLR business partner Sam over at White Label Perks. Many of the coloring pages in this package were created by Kelly herself. They are pretty cool but you need to check them out yourself to see just how neat they really are. In this Jump On The Adult Coloring Book Craze With This PLR they include a five post blog series, social media posts and graphics, a workbook, autoresponder series, individual design images, 2 sets of adult coloring pages, eCovers and a call to action button.

The Blog Series Covers:Jump On The Adult Coloring Book Craze With This PLR

• Why Adults Love Coloring
• Ways To Create Your Own Coloring Pages
• How To Publish Your Coloring Book On Amazon
• Different Ways To Sell Your Coloring Sheets
• Earn Passive Income By Recommending Coloring Supplies

There’s no branding attached to the files in this bundle so you can edit the information for your own business then give them away or even sell them if you want too. This is a pretty good deal that will save you both time and money when it comes to creating quality and much sought after content for your customers.

The price on this Jump On The Adult Coloring Book Craze With This PLR is very reasonable for all the ready to go content they include. In fact, they’ve dropped the price $32 for those of you who grab it before Thursday May 12, 2016.

By now you guys know just how popular these Adult Coloring Books are and with this PLR bundle you’ll get everything you need to jump on board and make a profit from this growing craze. Go see what all they have in this Jump On The Adult Coloring Book Craze With This PLR! Once you see it we think you’ll be ready to grab it up for your own customers.

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