New Social Image PLR WordPress Plugin

sppsocialimageOnce upon a time images didn’t really make that much difference when it came to the Internet. They were cool but they didn’t create the buzz, invite people in and make sales like they do today. With Social Media, images have become domineering and the quicker we can get them up the better. Sell PLR Plugins has released their newest little gem called “Instant Social Images” for WordPress. This plugin can help you and your customers create eye catching images to use on your blog, website and more.

This plugin offers you simple installation, easy access with no extra software, built in backgrounds or the ability to upload your own, 10 font choices, unlimited color choices, easy branding abilities, simple text alignment and line break controls, finished product automatic upload, instant previews and it’s easy to add them to your posts and pages. This one plugin can do all that plus it makes it easy to create quotes, post titles and by-lines, product images, calls to action and more all while bringing you more traffic to your sites and products and helping make you more sales.

If you’re not sure if this New Social Image PLR WordPress Plugin is something you want then check out the “How It Works” video on the site. That should help you decide if it’s right for you and your customers. If you think this one is perfect then check out some of the other PLR plugins she has available. Once you’ve done that, but before you buy anything, give some thought to her Plugin Club. You’ll save 45% on this image plugin and get a new one each and every month you remain a member. Remember this is PLR so you can use these as membership perks, bonuses for customers, gifts to help build your email list, give to your coaching clients or your VA, use as a perk for website building and more. Images are so important in the online world, people love them and they enhance products and sales. Make image creation easier for you and your customers by grabbing up this one right now.

Toy PLR Content Club

Christmas is just around the corner and now is when you want to get those holiday sites set up and ready to roll to start cashing in on those holiday sales. If need content to help your readers Net PLR has a great membership for you. Their Toy Content Club has everything you need. When it comes to promoting for Christmas, kids toys are a great place to start. Toys are always in demand but this time of year parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are in a rush to find just that perfect toy for the children in their lives. This membership has everything you need to enhance your cash generating site.

Each Month Includes:nettoyclub

  • 10 New Toy Product Reviews
  • 4 Related Articles
  • 10 Related Toy Images
  • 10 Tweets for Promoting

When you sign up you will also receive 30 bonus sign up articles to help you with your site and an Affiliate Promotion Guide so you will know how to promote, where to promote as well as ways to help you cash in on your promotions. Here’s all the details if you want to grab your spot in this Toy PLR Content Club. For the next 8 days you can get on the re-launch price of only $7. Plus you’ll receive as a founding member a copy of her “Educational Toys Guide” that you can use in any number of ways to create those sales. You’ll get this type of package each and every month as long as you remain a member. This is a great way to get ongoing content to help you grow your business and make sales. Don’t wait if this sounds like something you can use because after Wednesday September 10, 2014 the price will go up. Check it out right now and start making your own money this holiday season.

Business PLR Weekend Special

aplcbizmarketweekendAll Private Label Content is at it again with another of their $5 Weekend Specials. This one covers business and contains 30 articles, tweets and images as well. It’s full of great content to help you, your readers and more.

The articles cover a vast variety of topics including credit card payments, blogging, copy writing, common mistakes, designing, sales pages, deadlines, press releases, sales success tips, fear, forming an LLC, conversion rates, common pitfals, strategies and so much more. The grapics are super cool and the Tweets will go a long way in promoting your articles.

What a heck of a package! Remember this is a $5 weekend special and it all goes away on Monday Night September 1, 2014 or until the licenses run out, which ever happens first. If you can use this Business and Marketing PLR Weekend Special for your audience then don’t wait to pick it up. There’s a lot you can do with this PLR package so check it out right now.

PLR Monetize Your Website Tips

One of the main reasons we have a website or blog is to make money right? There are many ways we can do that and it’s not as difficult as many of us believe it to be. Creating our own products or programs, leveraging what we have to make sales or using ads to sell products are just a few of the ways. We do all that by monetizing our sites but many of your readers may not understand exactly how this is done. You can help them with this new package from IM PLR Guides. It contains a huge report, a detailed checklists that asks a series of questions to walk your audience through all the various methods, related Tweets with hashtags for sharing these tips, social media graphics filled with a variety of tips and more.

The Report Covers:IMmonetizesites

  • How to Leverage Your Site/Blog to Make Sales
  • Developing Your Own Products or Programs to Sell
  • Types of Ads to Use for Your Sales

It really is pretty easy to set up a blog to make sales and with this PLR Monetize Your Website Tips package your customers will be able to put it all into action. Ruth has this one on an early bird launch sale but you need to act quickly to get it for this low price because it ends on Tuesday September 2, 2014. There are so many ways you can use this PLR. You can train yourself as well as teaching your audience how to make this effective for their business. Don’t wait, grab it now while the price is low.

Brand New Time Management PLR

Doesn’t everyone wish they had more time in the day? I know I do. I’m always trying to squeeze in a couple of extra hours a day. Sometimes it works but most often it doesn’t. This new package from Buy PLR Today is all about time management. It’s not just for business either. It covers areas that your readers can apply to both their personal lives and their business lives. This package contains 5 articles, PowerPoint slides and eCovers for you as well.

The Articles Cover:buytodaytimemanage

  • Time Management Tips
  • Become a Master
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Your Mindset and Skills
  • Why We Struggle with Time Management

There’s a lot of things you can do with this PLR. Use it for yourself or help your readers by posting them on your blog, using them as email messages, putting them all together to make a nice report are just a few. If you hurry you can pick this Time Management PLR up for just $7, no coupon code needed. But you have to be quick because this sale is over on Friday night, August 29, 2014. Help yourself and your audience build time management skills to create more time in the day by picking up this great PLR pack right now.

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