Weekend PLR Deals and Steals

salepdOur PLR providers have been super busy and many of them have some awesome Weekend PLR Deals and Steals for you guys. In fact, there are so many of them that instead of doing a separate post for each one, we are putting them all in a single post for you all to check out.

We have Weekend PLR Deals and Steals from Piggy Makes Bank (this one is a rush as it ends tonight) as well as PLR Me, All Private Label Content, Buy PLR Today, Content Sparks and Alph Media. All of these are great provides who give you quality content you can use in any number of niches.

We are going to try and make it easy for you guys to grab what you need and want. I’m putting the name of the company, the Coupon Code if there is one, when the sale expires and a little about the product. That way you can run down the list, see what they have and grab up the content you need before it’s too late. I hope this helps you find exactly what you can use in a timely manner. Let me know if you think this works better for you than doing each sale in a separate post. If it does I’ll continue to do this for all of you. I want to make sure you find what you need without any hassle and frustration. Ok here they are:

1. Piggy Makes Bank: Business Productivity Use Coupon Code: PRODUCTIVITY to get half off Expires: Tonight Sat 2/6.

Content Includes:pmbwkbzprdctvty

• Guide “Make Every Minute Count”
• 10 Articles on Boosting Productivity
• 10 Autoresponder Messages
• Promotional Cover Graphics
• Series of Checklists

2. PLR Me: Half Off All PLR Packages No Coupon Code necessary Expires: Sun 2/7 at 11:59 PM EST

Ronnie carries Done-For-You Packages for the Health and Wellness Niche. His content covers Finance, Self-Help and Training Courses

3. All Private Label Content: Acne Bundle Expires: Monday February 8 Just $5!

Content Includes:aplcacnewknd

• 10 Articles
• 10 All New Social Media Posts
• 3 Graphics

4. Buy PLR Today: Online Connections Save $5 when you use Coupon Code: VIRTUAL Expires: Monday 2/8 at Midnight EST

Content Includes:bptwkndcnctns

• A 16 Page Report
• Editable eCovers-2 Styles
• PowerPoint Slides
• MP4 Video from Slides
• 6 Images
• 20 Social Media Posts
• 5 Tip Posters

Sue also has an awesome upsell that is well worth mentioning here. It’s a Social Media Bundle that includes content concerning Klout, Blab and other Social Media PLR for $18.50!

5. Content Sparks: Researching Your Competition It’s on sale for $10 off No Coupon Code needed
Expires: Mon 2/8 at midnight EST

This is a Done for You Package that Includes:csparkscmptnwknd

• Course Book
• Workbook
• Checklist
• Graphics
• Social Media Tip Posts
• eCovers
• And more…

This is a huge package for a small price.

6. Alph Media: Weight Loss Social Videos Use Coupon Code: SOCIAL to get all 11 videos for just $4.95! Expires: Tues 2/9

Casey has done a wonderful job on this package. These are great videos, all of them short but full of information. Grab them to use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all your social networking avenues!

Ok that’s all that we have right now. We don’t think there will be any more but if there are we will be sure to add them right here on this post. Be sure to check all the Weekend PLR Deals and Steals we have here that interest you because you won’t find any better content at any better price.

We hope all of you have a GREAT weekend and if you’re football junky like me, have a great time and be safe at all the “Big Game” fun you’ll be hosting or attending. Thanks guys we really do appreciate all of you!

Learn How To Use Shopify And Profit With It

diyshpfyWe all dream of having our own online business. It’s a great way to make decent money while enjoying a stay at home lifestyle. There are many ways to make a living online. You can be an affiliate like we are here at PLR Arsenal or a Virtual Assistant like I am at Behind The Screen VA. One other way is to purchase PLR products, edit and monetize them, then create your own product to sell. Once you do that though you’ll need a shopping cart for your marketing, inventory and product delivery. There’s any number of shopping carts available but one of the best is Shopify. They have everything you need to make selling your products successful. I’m getting ready to sign up with them to sell my cookbooks on Gram Grams Kitchen. One problem I’ve run into when it comes to shopping carts is how hard it is to understand them and get them set up. Shopify makes it pretty easy but still there are times when trying to understand their “lingo” can be a little frustrating. DIY PLR understands these frustrations and they have just released a new report for you and your audience that can help you Learn How To Use Shopify And Profit With It.

This one is perfect for anyone who is really interested in selling a product and using a shopping cart. Shopify is very popular because of all the things they included in their package. They also make it very easy to set up and use but still there can be frustrations especially for those who know very little about shopping carts like me. That’s why this PLR is so useful. There’s not a lot of information out there that walks you through the process but this Learn How To Use Shopify And Profit With It PLR does. I plan on grabbing mine here in just a few minutes after I finish my work for the day. I can’t wait to dive into it. It’s going to be a huge help to me and I can see my dream of selling those cookbooks getting closer and closer now.

The Shopify Report Will Help You and Your Customers Learn:

• The Featuresshpfyfrtrl
• Getting Started
• Choosing The Right Products
• Setting Up Your Account
• Building Your Store
• Using Apps
• Marketing Your Store
• And more…

The report also includes screen shots to make it easier to follow. This Learn How To Use Shopify And Profit With It PLR bundle also includes a checklist and editable eCover graphics. It’s everything you need to teach yourself and your customers how Shopify works.

Alice and her team have been kind enough to give us a huge discount for you guys if you grab this package in the next few days. All you have to do is take Coupon Code: SHOPIFY and use it when you check out. I’m going to use it when I get my copy. It will save you 50% which is a pretty good deal!

Having a shopping cart is imperative if you plan on selling products through your business. There’s no need in searching out the right one or wading through information that only frustrates you and makes it harder to get your cart up and going. Shopify is popular, easy to use and right now they are giving you a FREE 14-day trial if you sign up. Once you do sign up head over to DIY and pick up this PLR to help you and your customers Learn How To Use Shopify And Profit With It!


How many sites do you have? Some people only have one and some (like us) have half a dozen or more. One thing is a sure bet-most of them are probably on the WordPress platform. All of ours are. Why? Because they are so easy to install, create and work with. Here’s the thing about a WordPress site though-it can be a little intimidating to those who have no idea what this platform entails, how all the “extras” work or even how to add images, links and more. Now you can help your audience understand why this platform is so prevalent and how it all works. These Never Before Sold Build Your WordPress Site PLR Videos will walk you customers through the ins and outs of WordPress. It’s a step-by-step course all laid out on video for them to learn from.

I have to admit when I first started working with WordPress I was lost. I had a great teacher, Arika, who helped me when she could but trying to find quality information that would walk me through things like themes, plugins, widgets, even the layout wasn’t easy. I really struggled with it for a long time, it just didn’t make a lot of sense. But once I did get it I couldn’t and wouldn’t use any other platform. If I had the opportunity to grab these Never Before Sold Build Your WordPress Site PLR Videos it would have been easier, faster and a whole lot less frustrating.

This PLR comes from Helen Lindop of Totally PLR. We connected with Helen on Twitter. She’s new at creating PLR but her packages are awesome. We wouldn’t be promoting her if we didn’t believe in what she has to offer you. Helen is a published author, Udemy instructor and she’s been a trainer both online and offline for over 15 years. Most of her work has included creating and delivering software for training in education, health and customer relationship management. So she really does know her stuff and we promise you’ll find her content professionally done and filled with value.

In this Never Before Sold Build Your WordPress Site PLR Videos package you’ll receive step-by-step instructions to help your customers (more importantly help the beginner) build a site in no time. Not only has she included the videos but you’ll also get audio’s, PowerPoint slides and text to advance your training even more.

The Videos Cover:

• What WordPress Is
• Logging Intplrwrdprs
• The Dashboard
• Themes and Plugins-How To Install
• Using Widgets
• Creating Posts
• Adding Images
• Adding Links
• Creating Pages
• Managing Comments
• Creating Custom Menus
• And much more…

Plus, she’s giving you a bonus report on ways to profit from using video PLR. All of which you can use to create a free course for opt-ins, use on blog posts, sell as your own training course, add as a membership source and the list goes on and on. These are ready for you to edit if wish, brand and use immediately. Oh and the videos are all in HD MP4 format as well giving you great quality for your audience to learn from.

She told us that she had a hard time finding WordPress videos that could be posted to a blog. In searching we have to agree with her. There’s a lot of packages out there but we pretty much just found products that couldn’t be split up or we had to join a membership site to get the information. So this really is a Never Before Sold Build Your WordPress Site PLR Videos in more ways than one.

Oh and one other thing. On her Totally PLR site she has a page that will walk you through how to edit and brand your PLR videos. She has videos on how to add your own intros and outros, cutting out video parts and how to brand and optimize your videos. She says she will be adding to these tutorials so even if you don’t grab this package go over there to see how easy it can be to make any type of PLR video your own.

She just launched this WordPress Essentials PLR this morning so you can be one of the first to check it out and snatch it up. She’s also placed it on a dime sale so if you can use this one go now to get the best possible price. Almost all of us who use WordPress struggled in the beginning but your audience doesn’t have to feel that stress and frustration. Use this step-by-step course to make it easier for them to create the site they want. One they can be proud of and one that can make their online dreams come true. Go now and check it out, see what all Helen has to offer you and grab these Never Before Sold Build Your WordPress Site PLR Videos at the lowest price available.

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