Passive Income Toolkit

It’s easy to fall into the “income” trap. You know, the one where you offer a specific service to one type of customer. I did it in my VA business. I only offered customer service and only to a certain type of client. I couldn’t fit in a huge number of customers so my income was very limited. That happens often especially to coaches. But there’s a great PLR training you can grab from Coach Glue to show your own coaching clients how to earn passive income to supplement their ongoing business. This toolkit contains a step-by-step guide, Power Point slides (great for teaching your clients), a Business and Marketing 3 week done for you calendar, a great checklist, a resource directory full of not just resources but tools as well and 21 blueprint ideas for creating passive income.

The Guide Covers:gluepassiveincome

  • Deciding What To Create
  • Passive Income Models
  • Getting Started With The Basics
  • Passive Income Planner

This Passive Income Toolkit is just what you need to show your clients how they can enhances their business. It also can be edited by you to help you with your passive income. It’s a win-win for you and your clients. This really is a done for you toolkit. All you have to do is make it your own and you too can be well on your way to growing your income and showing your customers how easy it is to grow theirs. Grab it right now and get started!

Blog Success Mega PLR Bundle

diyblogmegaYou want your clients to be successful. It’s just good for everyone concerned. For them to see success they need the right tools, information and guidance. DIY PLR has a new mega bundle that you can use to show your clients how to make a plan, build a WordPress blog and find the right topics to create a highly successful blog.

Your mega bundle contains 3 blog success illustrated reports. The first one covers brainstorming topics and also includes tweets to help you and your customers. The second report is all about creating a plan and it includes a great checklist to help your customers stick to their plan. For the 3rd report they have an easy to use guide on how to setup a WordPress blog and a comparison chart for your audience. All 3 bundles include eCovers as well to help you with your own packages.

A great blog enhances our online presence and by picking up this Blog Success Mega PLR Bundle you can show your customers just how easy it is. This package is valued at $60 but if you act now you can grab it for just $21.00. Two of these reports are ready for your download but the third won’t be up until October 22. Don’t worry you can jump right back into your account and download it at no extra cost. They just want to make sure it’s full of everything you and your customers need. It’s important to be successful so grab this mega bundle to show them how. The low price is good through Friday October 24, 2014. Act now to give your audience the information they need to build and run a successful blog with superstar qualities.

Choose Your Package Weekend PLR Deal

Boy do we have a weekend deal for you this week. DIY PLR has this one and it is good. Just $5 will get you a $20 pack and you get to choose the package you want. No strings attached. No memberships, no obligations nothing except the PLR you need and want. What type of PLR do they have you might ask? We will give you the short list because they have a bunch on a variety of topics so you’ll need to get over there to check it all out.

Their Topics Cover:diychsplr

  • Social Media
  • Family
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Food
  • Recipes
  • Health
  • Finance
  • And so much more…

They have step-by-step tutorials with screenshots, illustrated reports with slide shows, graphics, articles, tools and well all kinds of informative content to fit just about any niche. You’ll just have to check it out to see it all. They direct you to the home page where you can see all the packages available to you. This Choose Your Package Weekend PLR Deal ends on Monday night so make sure you check them out before then. If you use PLR this is a must see. You can’t pass up $20 worth of PLR for just $5 and with all the different packages they have to offer you know you’ll find exactly what you need and want. Oh one more thing on this-One purchase per customer only. What are you waiting for head on over there right now and grab what you need before this doozy of a deal is gone.

New Christmas PLR

With Christmas just a couple months away now’s the time start grabbing your content for all your promotions. We have a new PLR package that will work for all your Christmas tree and decorating promotional needs. Amanda from PLR Content Market has just released a new package full of information to help your audience pick out that perfect tree and all the decorations they need to make their Christmas a beautiful experience. This is a pretty good package and it’s full. She’s included a report that covers choosing and getting set up for a Christmas tree, 10 articles all about artificial trees and the top ornaments people are grabbing up and 10 social media images with 10 Christmas tips.

The Articles Cover:pcmchristmas

  • Artificial VS Real
  • Christmas Tree Safety Tips
  • Necessary Accessories For Your Tree
  • Top 5 Frozen Ornaments
  • Top 5 Weird Ornaments
  • Top 5 Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments
  • And more…

She’s added a couple of really cool bonuses as well. One is an eBook that covers taking the stress out of Christmas and a ready to sell eBook that covers everything from decorating to Christmas activities. Here’s the deal on this one. She has this New Christmas PLR for sale for just $12.00 but only until Monday October 20, 2014. You need to start promoting those Christmas sales and with this package you have a great head start. Go now and grab this one before it’s too late and the price goes up.

PLR Fitness Content Program

netftnsprgrmFitness is at the top of so many minds. They want to be healthy and fit and they are looking for ways to do it and do it quickly. Because of that so many of us have our business in the health, wellness or fitness niche. Of course these type of businesses need constant content for their sites. Well we have something that can give you that content on a monthly basis. It’s content you can count on and it’s full of information your audience is craving. This program comes from Net PLR and we promise it’s well worth checking into.

This fitness content program will give you current content each and every month. Each content club package will include an eBook, eCovers, a report, standard and product comparison reviews, images for the reviews, royalty free images, articles, blog post/emails, tweets, graphics, bylines and more. Whew that’s a lot of content and again it changes each and every month you are a member. This month’s package is all about being fit for life, the report covers 10 diseases exercise can help you prevent, the comparison reviews are on treadmills and the blog posts/emails want your readers to ask themselves if they are unfit. You’ll receive a different bonus each month as well.

This Fitness PLR Program will give you current and constant content that your customers will want and keep coming back for. Right now you can become a member for half off the regular price. But that’s not all! If you sign up before Thursday October 24, 2014 at 3 PM  you’ll also get her fast action bonus-Completely new and unreleased fast action bonus eBook called “21 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work,” an edible eCover and 5 shareable social media graphics. You have to agree that’s a lot of content for just $14.00. It will also go up to full price on Thursday afternoon. If you have a health, fitness, weight loss, wellness or exercise niche you need this program. It’s a sure way to have constant content, save time, save money and it will help your customers.

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