We have a lot to tell you about in this post and I’ll get right to it so I don’t hold you up. Alph Media Express has been making some changes in the way they are selling their PLR. It’s a pretty cool deal and we will tell you all about it in just a second. They are also giving you some FREE graphics as well as 2 new packages that you can use on your health, food etc. site or to help you promote a great and high selling product on Amazon. This is your chance to cash in on PLR Credits-Food Videos-FREE Social Graphics-Kindle.


First they have changed up the way you can save on all of their products. It’s a new credit based system where you can purchase packs of credits that you are free to use on whatever products you want from their store. Each product is worth just 1 credit no matter what the cost of the product is. Basically you can grab a $10 product or even a $200 product for just 1 little credit.

What does that mean for you? It means you can grab what you want when you want it without any recurring payment. It also means that you aren’t limited to just brand new releases. You can get any product, new or old. Plus, with these credits you don’t have to hurry to get those early bird or 7 day discounts etc. You’ve already paid for the credits so if you miss those it’s all good because you don’t have to pay the higher price, you get it for that 1 single credit no matter what the price is, high or low!

To learn more about their PLR Credits and how you can save head on over there and check it out. We think it’s a really great deal and we hope you see the HUGE advantages it has for you and your business.

The first product we want to tell you about, one you can grab with your newly purchased credits or straight out, is their new Healthy Food Videos. I really, really like this package. It’s 10 videos, and you know how much people love those videos LOL, that cover the health benefits of 10 different foods and drinks.

The Videos Cover The Benefits Of:amediahlthfdvd

• Oranges
• Apples
• Blueberries
• Salmon
• Chicken
• Beef
• Coffee
• Green Tea
• Ginger Tea
• Black Tea

Quite a list of items. You know people understand that some teas, fruits and even meats can be healthy but I bet not many of them know there are benefits from things like coffee, beef etc. Now you can have a video that explains it to them. There’s nothing like a good video to tell people why something is good or even bad for them and these will make a perfect addition to your sites, your social media posts and even make a great product.

amediafreesclgrphAre you ready for some great social graphics to use on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social network you use? How about 7 of them every single week and all of them absolutely FREE! Join their Tribe Bloom and they are all yours. No strings attached I promise. I signed up and I have 2 weeks’ worth now. I love them and I think you will too.

These are a great way to activate your audience. They’re inspirational and full of insightful quotes and tips. 7 of them, every single week, delivered right to your inbox, for you to use anyway you wish. The only thing you can’t do is re-sell them. Remember these are totally FREE so why not grab them to use on your personal pages, for your business and more.

Lastly if you are an affiliate for Amazon or if you have a following of readers this package is right up your alley. These Kindle Oasis Product Articles cover the different Kindle versions as well as subscriptions.

The Articles Include:amediakndl

• The Oasis
• The Voyage
• The Paperwhite
• Fire 7 Inch
• Fire HD 10
• Oasis VS Voyage
• Oasis VS Paperwhite
• Oasis VS Fire 7
• Oasis VS Fire HD
• Unlimited Kindle Subscription

All of these articles are over 700 words and full of great information. You can use them to promote your products, help your readers make an informed choice on which Kindle to get, help them decided on subscribing and more. It’s time to fire up those Kindle lovers by grabbing these articles for one low price or with 1 of your purchased credits.

There’s a lot of quality PLR to choose from. Go ahead and see if the credits will work for you then join Tribe Bloom to get your FREEBIES and after that check out the 2 new packages they have available. There’s no time like the present to check out their PLR Credits-Food Videos-FREE Social Graphics-Kindle bundle. They are amazing offers that WILL help you, your business, your customers and your bank account too.

HUGE Time Management PLR Bundle

WOW what a beautiful weekend we had here. I was having so much fun I took an extra day-oops but hey sometimes you just need a day off right LOL. I hope all of you were able to enjoy warm weather and sunshine too! I’m glad you stopped by today because I have an absolutely fantastic PLR offer to share with you. It’s from Justin and Ted over at Tools For Motivation. It’s a HUGE Time Management PLR Bundle and it’s filled with tips to help your audience make the most of their busy time.

In my opinion, there are 2 key elements to this HUGE Time Management PLR Bundle that makes it a winner! First, there’s the variety and second you have flexibility. Here’s what I mean by that:

1. The Variety…

This HUGE Time Management PLR Bundle comes in the following formats:

• eBooktfmtmmange
• Audiobook
• Video
• 50 Part autoresponder
• Slide Deck
• Infographic
• Social Media Posters
• In Depth Mind Maps
• Tweets
• Facebook Posts

PLUS, there is a huge BONUS folder and not 1 but 2 sets of pre-made graphics for you to choose from!

2. The Flexibility…

Because these time management tips are broken into 50 small components, you can use this PLR package to literally create hundreds of pieces of marketing and/or very sellable content. Head on over to the sales page to see an example video of how you might use a package like this! I was very impressed when I went and looked at it.

For the next 4 days, you can get a $100 DISCOUNT on this huge content bundle covering some of the best tips and advice about time management. I don’t care what anybody says, there’s not a person out there that couldn’t use a little help managing their time. This package could be the one that will give your audience exactly what they need to feel a little less stressed and a lot more encouraged.

If you are worried that this won’t match up to the PLR you are looking for there’s a sample of the pack you can download right here> Sample HUGE Time Management PLR Bundle. Go ahead and grab it. There’s no strings attached and it will definitely give you an idea of what this package has to offer you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

There’s not a single person out there that couldn’t use a little help when it comes to managing our time. In fact, I can promise you that every single one of us has said at one time or another “I wish there were more hours in the day to get things done.” With this HUGE Time Management PLR Bundle you can show your customers how that can be a reality for them both in life and in business.

You only have until Friday April 22, 2016 to save a whopping $100 OFF the store price of this PLR mega-bundle. You don’t need a coupon code but you do need about 5 minutes or so to run through the sales page to see what all Justin and Ted have included in this HUGE Time Management PLR Bundle. What do you have to lose in checking this one out, grabbing your FREE download and if you can use it, picking this one up for yourself and your customers. Go check it all out and let us know what you think. I bet you’ll be amazed with this one. Don’t miss out!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you have some great plans for this weekend. It’s going to be absolutely beautiful here so I’m going to try to get outside to do some much needed yard work. The truth is – I will probably be lazy and just grab my lounger and a good book and just enjoy the warm weather LOL. Before I head off to do some work (hee hee) I wanted to make sure you knew about 6 PLR offers that are available to you this weekend. All of these come from some great PLR providers and cover business, personal development, creating better blog posts, book brainstorming and fitness. So before you head out to have some weekend fun be sure to Grab These Weekend PLR Deals Before It’s Too Late!


The first one comes from All Private Label Content and it’s one of their $5 weekend specials. This one covers Direct Sales and includes 10 articles, 10 Tweets and 3 images. The articles will help your customers learn if direct sales is right for them, 3 skills to create success, the benefits, finding the right company, growing your direct sales team, creating a website, marketing, party tips, selling with confidence and more.

There’s a lot of information in these Direct Sales articles if you have an audience interested in direct sales. You can get this whole package for just $5 BUT it’s only available through Monday April 18, 2016 so don’t wait if you can use and your customers need this type of information.

The next package is from Piggy Makes Bank. It’s a really cool pack of 10 articles on how to create Better Blog Posts. Everyone has a blog these days which makes it a real struggle to keep a blog alive and interesting. These articles will help you and your readers make that blog stand out and be noticed.

The Articles Cover:pmbblgpsts

• Attention Grabbing Titles
• Blog Post Lengths
• Including Images
• Social Sharing
• Encouraging Interaction
• Call To Actions
• Monetizing
• Getting Readers On Your List
• And more…

I really like this Better Blog Posts package and will probably be picking it up for myself (so I can be a better blogger) and for my business site. There’s a lot of great information here that is hard to find with an Internet search. You can grab these for less than 50 cents per article if you can use them. Just take Coupon Code: “BESTBLOG” with you to get this whole bundle for 50% off the regular price. The coupon expires on Monday the 18th so if you can use these go now before it’s too late to save on them.

cgbkbrnstrmplnrThe next PLR package coms from Coach Glue and it’s perfect for those of you who have an audience on the verge of writing that great book. It’s a step-by-step Book Brainstorming Planner. I’ve dabbled in this with cookbooks and I can tell you it’s not easy. I would have loved this planner to help me get going. In fact, if I had it I probably would have published those books instead of wondering if I could or ever will get to that point!

This planner has 10 steps with exercises for your customers to follow. The steps cover book writing goals, writing the story, refining your message, research, outlines, dealing with distractions etc., designing the cover, publishing platforms and more.

You can pick up this planner through Monday for just $19. If you have customers who want to write and publish a book or if you are interested in creating your own books but have no idea how to go about it, you really need to pick up this Book Brainstorming Planner today!

Package number 4 is one we’ve told you about before. It’s a Trial Fit Club Membership from Ruth at Content Shortcuts. She’s offered this one other time but has decided to open it up again for the next 4 days only. If you need fitness, health, exercise etc. content then this is definitely something you should check into.

With This Club You’ll Get:

1. Main eBookcshortcutsfitclub
2. Short Report
3. Bonus Editable Infographic
4. 5 Product Reviews
5. Long Product Comparison Review
6. 5 Emails/ Blog Posts
7. 20 Related Articles
8. 5 Shareable Social Media Tips
9. 5 Shareable Social Media Inspirational Images
10. 20 Social Media Posts
11. 3 Bonus Bylines
12. 17 Royalty Free Images
13. Images of All Products Reviewed
14. BONUS: How to Use Your PLR Training

This month’s content covers the role protein plays in our diet. You can grab your trial membership for just $14 and if you’re not happy with the content or it just doesn’t fit your needs you can cancel at any time. If you remain a member after this first month, you’ll get a new package filled with all of the above each and every month. It’s really a pretty good deal if you can use this type of content. She only has this open through Tuesday April 19th then she’s closing it again to new members. Take a second to see what this membership offers and then sign up to get the content you need for your customers.

tfmtmmangeTools for Motivation is releasing a brand new Time Management Tip Bundle on Monday April 18 at 11 AM and they want to give you some content from the package. It’s FREE and will give you some insight into what they will be offering you when they launch.

This is one of the biggest PLR packages they have ever released. It includes a huge variety of formats giving you everything you need to create your own products, training and more. Everyone needs help when it comes to Time Management and these tips are perfect for helping your readers get on track.

Remember this doesn’t go live until Monday but if you are interested in this personal development PLR go on over and grab the FREE Download they are offering you.

The last package we want to tell you about comes from Buy PLR Today. It’s a brand new business PLR package and it’s perfect for your customers, your team and more. It’s all about one of the biggest and most used cloud-based online storage systems – Dropbox! I have Dropbox but I have to tell you that I don’t know, let alone understand, all the things that come with it. Maybe I should grab this pack for myself and then use it on my business site to help others!


Sue has 2 different purchase options with this package. You can grab the full “How To Use Dropbox” report, along with eCovers, PowerPoint slides, videos, social media posts and more for just $17 OR you can get just the report, the slides and the videos for just $14. So you have a choice of what you get and how much you spend. I think I’ll go for the full package, it’s just better for me, but if you don’t need or won’t use all that content, then grab the smaller bundle with the lower price.

Ok that’s it so far but if we get anymore I’ll be sure to come back to add them so you can check them out. We hope you all have a great weekend, are able to enjoy nice weather and stay safe. If you have a few minutes before you head out though be sure to Grab These Weekend PLR Deals Before It’s Too Late or if you’re like me before you forget and then want to kick yourself in the butt because you didn’t grab them before LOL. Thanks everyone and know that we appreciate you being a part of the PLR Arsenal family!

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