Clearing Out Inventory PLR Sale

With the holidays just around the corner and the New Year not that far way many of our PLR companies are doing a little clearing out to make way for new inventory. DIY PLR is having a huge sale on 15 of their PLR bundles. These packages cover a number of great topics and many of them are exactly what you need to help your customers with business tools, making money, social media, home, business and more.

The Packages Include:

  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Affiliate Program Profits
  • Amazon Marketplace Report
  • Amazon Marketplace Tutorialsdiyclroutsl
  • Authority Sites
  • Facebook Reach
  • Invoicing Clients
  • LinkedIn Connections
  • Online Biz in Summer
  • Organic Living Report
  • Product Launch Copywriting
  • Product Launch JVs
  • Selling on ClickBank
  • Skype User Guides
  • Webinars for Profit

There’s a bunch of great packages here and each one of them has information that can help your own customers grow and prosper in their business and their home life. With this Clearing Out Inventory PLR Sale you can grab any of these packages for just $6.00 each. Better yet, get them all for just $47.00, which is a super huge savings for you. These are only available until the licenses run out or through Thursday November 6, 2014, whichever comes first. You don’t need a coupon to see your savings. You know a lot of these packages have more than one use. You can learn from them yourself, teach your assistant and sell them or give them away to your own customers. They make great blog posts, email messages and training guides. Why would you want to pass up this great sale? Go right now and see what each of these packages contain. Don’t hesitate to pick up the ones you need. Better yet get them all. Use them for yourself, your customers and your business.

Understanding GMOs PLR

fapgmoWhat the heck are GMOs? Most of us know that actually stands for genetically modified organisms and we have an idea of what that means but for most of us we really don’t understand them. We also know that many foods contain GMOs and that people believe that isn’t a healthy way of eating, myself included. But I still don’t completely understand them and I’m not alone.

This highly debated subject is confusing for so many people. With the information you find out there (that doesn’t really explain all the in’s and out) many of us are scared to death of them. What we need is clear, truthful information that explains the history, if there are any benefits, the dangers, what foods contain GMOs and whether it really is safe to eat these crazy things. Food A Plenty has released a mega PLR pack that goes into great detail and can give your customers the necessary information they need to know what these are and to understand how they affect our health and world today.

This PLR contains a huge report that explains the truth about GMOs. It will tell your readers what they are and a little bit of history surrounding them. It also explains whether genetically modified foods are a good idea as well as the dangers of the Monsanto patent. It talks about GMO crops in the United States, it takes a look at Bt corn and RoundUp Ready crops as well as including a resource and link list to help your readers find even more information. They have also included a really neat shopping guide to help your audience avoid GMOs. The guide contains content on understanding non-GMO labels, avoiding contaminants, buying organic or from non-GMO suppliers and it talks about common ingredients that come from GMO risk crops. My favorite part is where they talk about GMOs in meat and dairy foods and the summary checklist they include.

With this Understanding GMOs PLR we begin to get a better handle on what genetically modified organisms are and what effect the have on our bodies and our environment. We all want to know what they are but more importantly we need to understand what it all means for us and our bodies. Give your customers the information they need to educate themselves and make a sound choice when it comes to GMOs by picking up this package. It’s your way of giving them the no-nonsense truth and a realistic way of looking at genetically modified organisms.

Stop Emotional Comfort Eating PLR

We all do it. Things get a little crazy and we find comfort by eating. It’s just natural but for many it’s a way of life. Emotional eating has become more common and it’s not a healthy way of living our lives. Relying on food to help distract us, find comfort or deal with the stress can be very harmful but we’ve found a PLR package that you can use to help your readers. It’s from Net PLR and it covers emotional comfort eating. This one is full of information to help your readers find ways to move from this unhealthy lifestyle to a better way of dealing with life in general.

Your PLR Package Contains:netemtnleat

  • An End Emotional Eating eBook
  • Am I Hungry Checklist
  • Food Journal Worksheet
  • 10 Things to Keep From Binge Eating Report
  • 20 Articles
  • 2 Book Reviews
  • Email Messages
  • 5 Social Media Shareable Tips
  • 20 Social Media Posts
  • eCovers

Plus she’s added a couple of great extras for you. An infographic, royalty free images and article bylines. Ruth has put this Stop Emotional Comfort Eating PLR  on sale for $20 off the regular price but only through Monday November 3, 2014. No coupon or promo code required. Yes we all eat for comfort sometimes but those of us who have made it a way of life need help to keep it from destroying our lives. With this package you will be able to give your customers information to help them find better ways to deal with and end emotional eating. Show them it’s a way of coping but not a healthy way to live. Go right now and pick up this PLR. Remember it’s only on sale through Monday so don’t wait.

Almost Gone PLR


diylowcarbrunlowDIY PLR has two great packages that are running very low on licenses. They have added these to their almost gone category which means big savings for you if you want them.

The first package is all about Living a Low Carb Lifestyle. It includes an illustrated report and goes into depth on these subjects: Benefits of going low carb, what carbohydrates are, getting started, your pantry, sample 2 week meal plan and tips and tricks to make it a little easier. You’ll also get images, slide shows, recipes, tweets, social media graphics and an eCover set.

The second package covers Honey for Health. It also includes an illustrated report that talks about what honey is, the benefits, using it for beauty, how it helps the environment, the dwindling bee population and recipes. It also includes slide shows, images, social media graphics, tweets and an eCover set.

If you have readers who are looking for some healthy information for Living A Low Carb Life or How to Incorporate Honey In Their Healthy Lifestyle then now’s the time to grab these. They are almost gone, only 17 licenses left for the honey and 26 left for the low carb. Go right now and save 20% by using the Coupon Code: runninglow. You just can’t wait to get these. They will go very fast. Go right now and pick these up so your customers will have all the information they need to make healthier choices when it comes to the foods they eat.

Profit With PLR Course

aplcplrtoprofitWe all have PLR, that’s the purpose of coming here right? Why do we have it? It saves us time, money and gives us products to help our customers and more. But how many of you have PLR just sitting on your hard drive doing absolutely nothing? I will admit I do and I bet many of you do too. Why aren’t we using it? I ask myself that question on a daily basis and I’ve found there are many reasons why. One of the biggest problems I have is figuring out exactly what I want to do with it.

All Private Label Content has a course that will walk you through profiting with PLR. Take a look to see a little of what this course has for you.

Three of the Course Objectives:

  • Customization-Do buy PLR content only to let it sit around and collect virtual dust because you don’t have time to do what everyone says you must do before using it – rewrite it? If that’s you then you’ll want to take a look at this sneak peek. One of the areas they focus on is teaching course participants how to use their PLR without having to rewrite it. Here -> Customization they share 5 of the 19 ways they teach how to do this.
  • SEO-Take a look behind the scenes! This sneak peek post contains a full video training from one of the sessions and it’s all about SEO. Click here -> SEO to see what it’s all about.
  • List Building-You can’t run a successful business without building a list. It’s one of the hot topics that All Private Label Content covers in this popular course. They’ve even “leaked” part of the section they teach in the course. You’ll find 10 of the 22 ways they teach course participants to build their list by promoting their free offer. Go here -> List Building to check out this information

There’s no doubt that this Profit With PLR Course will help you to use that PLR to grow your income in a time saving, productive way. Don’t waste your money by letting it all sit on your computer, step up and grab this course instead. It’s guaranteed to bring the information you’re looking for to make your PLR work for you. If you act before Saturday November 15, 2014 you can save $10 on this course. Just use Coupon Code: PEEKPLRPROFITS We do hope that before you jump on this course and we know you will because it just makes sense that you check out these sneak peeks. Not only will it show you what the course offers but it will give you ideas on where to go and what to do when it comes to your PLR. Don’t let that money just sit on your hard drive – check out the sneak peeks and then sign up for this course. It’s informative and more importantly profitable for you and your business.

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