Friday PLR Deals To Share With You


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have some great plans for this weekend. I have to work on Saturday at my other job but I’m hoping Sunday can be my relaxing day. To start your weekend out right I went on the hunt for some Friday PLR Deals To Share With You. I’ve found a couple of Friday PLR Deals so far and I promise if I find any more I’ll add them to this post.

The first deal I found comes from Kitchen Blogger. Trish actually has two packs included in this Friday PLR Deals To Share With You. She’s headed out to see the ocean but before she left she set up these new deals to help you if you can use them.

kbgltnfrThe first one is her Gluten-Free Mega Pack! This really is a huge bundle. She’s included a recipe book, recipe card graphics for each of those recipes, a report, an eCover set, images and more. The recipes cover all kinds of goodies like pizza dough, muffins, breads, brownies, cookies and all those yummy things many of your going Gluten-Free readers may be looking for.


The second pack she has is also a mega pack and it covers The Truths About GMOs. This one is huge as well. It includes a report that talks about what GMOs are, it’s history, the top crops in the U.S. and so much more. She also includes a shopping guide, photos, social media graphics and eCovers. It’s well worth checking into if you have readers who are interested in a no-nonsense guide to GMOs.

Now to get either of these deals you need to click on the links above and use Coupon Code: Fall40Deal when you check out. That code will give 40% off either or both packs but only for the next couple of days. It’s well worth checking into if you have an audience that needs this type of information.


The next Friday PLR Deals To Share With You comes from Piggy Makes Bank. This is one that so many people are looking for. With all the havoc this country is going through, by people and the weather, everyone wants to be prepared in case there is an emergency. Now you can give your readers the information they so desperately need.

This pack is all about Being Prepared In Case Of An Emergency. It contains 10 articles that cover having a plan, keeping your documents safe, creating an emergency kit, storing food and water, survival skills, dealing with long power outages and more. They have also included 10 product recommendations, 3 emergency prep checklists and social media posts.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a man made one, we all need to be prepared. With this pack you can help your readers be ready if they need to be. The deal on this pack is $10 off when you use Coupon Code: PREPPER This deal won’t be around for long either so don’t wait if you need this pack.

That’s it for now but I bet we have more before the day is over. If we do, I’ll be sure to add them to this Friday PLR Deals To Share With You post. I don’t want you guys to miss out on any of the great deals these providers have to offer you. Go now and check these out, come back later today to see if there are more and check them out, then go have yourself a wonderful and safe weekend! You guys deserve it!

Do You Have A Needy Food Blog Like Me


It’s been a while I know and for that I am very sorry. I’ve been pretty sick for the past couple of months. I won’t go into details but needless to say my health took over and my online businesses took a hit. I’m back and hopefully for good this time. Thank you all for hanging in there with me through all of this. It means more than you know. One of my sites, Gram Gram’s Kitchen has really taken a hard hit through all of this. I really needed to get back to work on it! Do You Have A Needy Food Blog Like Me! If so, then PLR is the way to go!

I decided to use all this PLR I have on my hard drive to get my site back up to par. Right now I’m working on a free giveaway for my visitors. I decided the best way to get it done was to use PLR for the article parts. Then I thought what the heck, make some of the recipes and then you can use those as well. It’s making this process a lot faster and much, much easier.

I realize it’s not always easy to create the blog posts or giveaways we need so I went on the hunt for some really good food PLR packages. Do You Have A Needy Food Blog Like Me? If you do, then check out some of these PLR packages. They all come from some of my favorite providers and yep I have a few of these myself!

One of my favorite “food” PLR providers is Kitchen Bloggers. Trish has created PLR that covers all types of food related topics. One of my favorites is her Cooking Hacks bundle. This is a mega pack filled with 100 cooking tips, social media images and more. It’s perfect for adding tips to your blog, creating social media posts for your pages and you can use the images to help create reports, promote on social media networks and more. This Cooking Hacks PLR will be a great addition to any food blog.


Another one of my favorites from Trish is her Baking Substitutions pack. People are always asking me “what can I use in place of ….” and with this PLR I can give them the answers they need in a simple little blog post. She also included a measurement conversion list, a conversion calculator, infographics as well as graphics you can use just about anywhere.

With the Holidays fast approaching many of your readers may be thinking about doing a little entertaining. Kitchen Bloggers has a nice photo pack to help you with your blog posts and social media posts. It includes 30 entertaining food photos, social media graphics as well as 12 bonus photos. No membership necessary. Just head on over and grab it up.

She also has a nice Lunches To Go photo pack you can pick up. Coming up with lunches for the kids or ourselves can be brutal and with these photos, social media graphics and more you’ll have actual images to help your readers find new ideas.

That’s just a few of the great “food” PLR packages Trish has at Kitchen Bloggers. Do You Have A Needy Food Blog Like Me? Then head on over and check out all the great PLR deals she has waiting for you.

Next on my list of favorite places to go for food PLR is Piggy Makes Bank. They also carry a number of great packages on a huge number of different topics. One of my very favorites from Susanne and Tracy are their Slow Cooker Packages. They have 3 that will be a sure hit with your readers who are busy with life and are looking for ways to create healthy and filling meals.

pmbslwckrThey have a Slow Cooker eBook/Report on Crock Pot Essentials. It’s filled with reason to use one, safety tips, cooking techniques, food safety, adapting your favorite recipes and more.

Then they have 5 Crock Pot articles you can grab. These cover choosing the right slow cooker, planning your meals, using this handy kitchen gadget year-round and more.

Last but not least they have a whole package to help you create your own slow cooker challenge. People love these type of challenges and with this one you’ll get 30 autoresponder emails to use as well as 30 recipes. Even if you don’t want to do a challenge, this one is well worth having in your arsenal of food PLR.


A couple of other great packages you can pick up from Piggy Makes Bank include Preserving Your Harvest and Smoothies. This time of year people are trying to figure out what do with all those tomatoes and other yummy garden goodies. Preserving Your Harvest has a report, articles, product reviews, recipes and social media posts that you can use to help your readers preserve their hard work. Smoothies are a big hit these days as well. They are healthy while being a big treat for adults and children. With their Big Smoothie Bundle you’ll be able to treat your readers to some scrumptious recipes, product reviews, a report to help them figure out what makes a great smoothie, 10 articles on how to incorporate them into a diet, creating ones that the kids will love and more. Plus, you get social posts as well.

Do You Have A Needy Food Blog Like Me? Take a few minutes to check out Piggy Makes Bank and all their wonderful food PLR packages. I bet you’ll find something to feed that hungry blog with!

diylwcrbThere are a couple of other great providers who have some really good PLR packages to help your food blog come to life. One of my all times favorites is DIY PLR. The carry a lot of different food related PLR packages but one that I really like is their Simple Low Carb pack. it contains a PLR cookbook with a cool eCover and social media graphics. All the recipes are for low carb dishes made with 3 ingredients or less. It’s a great package to offer your readers who are looking for help with their Low Carb Diet!



Then there is Buy Health PLR. She doesn’t carry a lot of food PLR but she has one that I really enjoyed and I know a lot of people are looking for this type of information. It’s Gluten-Free PLR and it contains a report, eCovers, articles, social media images, recipes and more. It’s one of the better packages I’ve found concerning Gluten-Free Foods. Go check it out if you have followers who need this type of information.


Last but not least is a package from Whole Foods PLR. Rachel’s story is something you should take a few minutes to read. It’s why she has this site and once you’ve read it you’ll understand why she is an authority in this area. I really like her Whole Food Basics package. It really digs into the basics of creating a diet based on these types of foods. She includes articles, a report, PowerPoint slides, webinar help and more. It’s really a good pack, full of great information for your readers.

Well I guess I better get back to working on Gram Gram’s Kitchen but I wanted to make sure that any of you out there who have a food blog saw these packages. They all come from very, very good providers and are well worth checking out. Do You Have A Needy Food Blog Like Me? If so, then don’t just check out these providers and packages go ahead and grab a few of them like I did. PLR sure has helped me especially now and it can be a big help to you as well. Plus, think of all the wonderful information you’ll have to give to your readers. Save yourself time, money and stress by going now and grabbing what you need to bring your food blog back to life. PLR really does make a difference.

All PLR Packages On Sale


Good Monday morning everyone. I’m going to keep this short and too the point because there isn’t a lot of time for you to take advantage of this one! Nicole at Easy PLR is doing some house cleaning. She’s put All PLR Packages On Sale for just $5 a pack!

You can grab reports, articles and more covering a number of popular topics. She covers family, parenting, home, health, food, personal finances, weight loss and more. On the business side of things you’ll find topics that include Internet marketing, network marketing, finding and hiring Virtual Assistants, Blogs, Direct Sales, Transcriptions, Service Providers, Coaching, WAHM and more. She has a lot of great packages that just about anyone can take advantage of.

EVERYTHING is just $5. No coupon needed. She’s also offering a bulk discount. Buy $25 and get 15% off – Buy $35 or more and save 25%. The discount is automatically applied for you right in the shopping cart.

If you need PLR now’s the time to grab it. You won’t see anything like this from Nicole or probably anyone else for a very long time. Packages are selling out fast too so please don’t wait! Head on over to Easy PLR right now. This All PLR Packages On Sale won’t be around for long and I sure would hate for you to miss out on such a great opportunity!


Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR

I have spent this whole morning thinking it was Friday and wondering why there weren’t any great weekend specials coming into my inbox. I ran to the store, came back and looked at my computer and thought “hey goofy this is Thursday, get it together” LOL. So I got my act together and went looking for some cool PLR packages to post for you guys. I found 4 really good ones over at Piggy Makes Bank. They cover Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR and they are all filled with quality content that can be used in a number of different niches.

Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLRThe first pack is all about Email Engagement. We all know that email marketing is an important part of an online business. With this package of 10 articles you can help your audience learn to listen to their readers, teach them how to meet expectations, foreshadowing, how to strike a balance between free and paid content, how to leverage their customers to grow their reach and more.

They’ve also included 10 custom written social media posts to help you gain exposure and with your marketing efforts. They have this Email Engagement package priced low so don’t wait if you can use these in your business.

The next package they have for you covers the ever popular Pokémon Go App. This bundle contains 5 well written articles that will help your readers learn how they can profit of them famous new trend.

The Articles Cover:Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR

• Using It to Attract More People to A Brick and Mortar Biz
• Becoming a Pokémon Trainer
• Profiting from a Pokémon Go Blog
• Increase Income by Becoming an Affiliate Marketer
• Profit by Sharing Your Gaming Know How

There really is a lot of ways that you can make a decent income from Pokémon Go! With these articles you can teach your audience how easy it can be. Head on over and check them out. At only $5 for the whole bundle you can’t pass it up if you can use them.

Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR

They also have a Huge Smoothie PLR Bundle for you. People love smoothies and they want information on how to incorporate them into their new healthy diet. You’ll get everything you need in this one to show them how.

It contains a short report that will show your readers how they can benefit from adding smoothies to their diet. The topics include fruit smoothies, green smoothies, red smoothies, watching the sugar, making them a part of their breakfast routine, using them to slide more nutrients into their daily intake and more. There’s a lot of useful information in this report.

They also include recipes (everybody loves recipes lol), articles, product reviews and social media posts. It’s a huge package filled with everything you need to help your audience make the smoothie transition. It’s priced pretty low for all there is in it so if you can use this one head on over and check it out.

Last but not least, and truth be known probably the most important bundle they have, is their FREE School Lunch PLR. The kids are heading back to school and parents are looking for healthy lunch box ideas. In this pack you’ll get everything you need to help those parents start the school year out right.

There are 5 Free articles that cover how to pack a school lunch that kids will eat, tips to help them get organized so making those lunches will be easier, how to pack a hot lunch, creative school lunch ideas and more. PLUS, they’ve added 5 really healthy but easy recipes to get your readers started.

The Recipes Include:Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR

• Banana Burrito
• Pizza Muffins
• Calzones
• Ham Mozzarella Sticks
• Sausage & Egg Muffins

Back to school lunches can be tricky for parents especially if they want to keep them healthy. With this FREE Lunch Box PLR, you can show them how simple it can be. Plus, the recipes will get them headed in the right direction. Check these out if you can use them.

I have to tell you I’m really glad today isn’t Friday yet. I needed the extra day to get some things done. First on my list is to go check out a couple of these Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR a little further to see if I can use any of them. I bet I grab the smoothies and FREE ones for sure. They will be a huge asset to my cooking site. If you have a few minutes today go check them out yourself. There’s bound to something there that you can use to help your customers.

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