Become a Social Media Manager PLR

Social media has grown so much over the years and so many of us use it to promote our businesses and grow our incomes both online and offline. It can be very time consuming especially to those of us who create our own content, update our websites or blogs and need to spend most of our time creating products. So what do we do? We search out a social media manager. It’s an important area of our business but we know with the right person we can outsource it and still have the following we need and want. PLR AlaCarte knows that social media is important, that it’s a time suck and that social media managers are in high demand. Giving your own customers the information they need to become a highly sought social media manager just got a whole lot easier. With this new PLR package you’ll get a report, blog posts, social media images and more.

The Report Covers:acslmdmngr

  • Definition of a Social Media Manager
  • Myths
  • A Day In the Life of a Social Media Manager
  • Training
  • Skills
  • Being Right for the Role
  • What to Charge
  • Finding Clients
  • Growing Your Social Media Manager Business
  • And so much more…

Becoming a Social Media Manager isn’t hard to do if you know what you need and how to approach it. This PLR package will do exactly that. Whether you want to learn for your own business or teach your customers this one has everything you need. If you act quickly you can get this new PLR for just $9.97. Not a big amount of money to learn a new talent or to teach your audience a new way to create income. You do have to hurry though to get it at this price because it ends on Monday December 22, 2014. You all know that social media has taken a top place when it comes to promoting our business and selling our products. Social media managers are in high demand and it can be a very lucrative business. Don’t wait until the price goes up. Grab this one right now not only for your customer’s growth but for yours as well.

Join The New Photo Club From Food A Plenty


You guys probably know that I love to cook. You may also know that I wrote many recipes for a number of PLR providers and for cookbooks when I was a Virtual Assistant. What you may not know is that I’m also in the process of creating my Website, GramGram’s Kitchen, where I can show case many of the recipes I love, the I wrote over the years and that I’ve given my own home down flare. What I found to be an issue and will continue to cause me frustration are my photos. If I remember to take a picture of what I cook it never comes out the way I want it. It can be very aggravating sometimes. But today I found a place that can help me with those images. Food A Plenty has just opened up their new Food Photo Club. Yes it’s a membership and I know many of you aren’t into memberships but if you could give me just a couple of minutes to tell you about this one I think you may very well change your mind.

This club is set up to give you 30 full sized food photos centered on a central theme. For instance this month’s content is all about comfort food. I know what your saying-what if the monthly theme doesn’t go with my type of recipes. These themes cover a number of foods so even if you don’t do a “comfort food” theme you can still use these on your content. For instance if you highlight desserts on your blog you’ll find photos for cakes, pies, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and more. They have Italian foods, breads, meats, Mexican food, soups and the list goes on. So no matter what you show case there is something in these photos for everyone.

Not only do you get these 30 unbelievably dazzling photos but you’ll also receive 20 social media graphics each month. You’ll also get a month tips sheet that is perfect for creating content and finding ways to use your photos. This month’s tips sheet is full of topic ideas for each day, recipes that you can adapt and share, social media tips and some great ideas on products to promote. See I told you it was worth reading on and checking out!

Now that I’ve sparked your interest let me tell you about what a great deal they have for you if you hurry. Go right now and you will be locked in to the lowest price ever! Just $9.99 a month but only if you sign up before Noon on Friday December 19, 2014. Plus you’ll also get their unreleased plugin-Delish! This great WordPress plugin is perfect for creating instant social graphics on your posts and pages. You can choose one of their graphics or upload your own. You control the size and colors and they’ve included 24 fonts that you can choose from. If nothing else this WordPress plugin is worth the $9.99! If you have a food blog, are thinking about starting a food blog or just love to share your recipes on Facebook or Pinterest this New Photo Club From Food A Plenty is well worth the money. Did you know it can cost you up to $20 to get a photo that works for your needs and that’s just for 1 photo not 30 so you have to agree this is a huge savings! Go now before the price goes up to $14.99 at Noon on Friday. I plan on getting my membership and I really hope you don’t miss out on this great offer.

FREE 2015 Food Blog Planner

fapfreplnrlngsdFood A Plenty is determined to help you bring your food blog to the top. Whether you’re brand new to food blogging or a seasoned veteran, they offer you products and yes FREEBIES to help you grow and even profit with your blog. Today they have something special that will save you time and money as well as help your business grow and prosper. It’s a FREE 2015 food blog planner and it’s a doozy.

You’ll get an entire year, including December 2014, of information to organize your blog, emails, promotions and more. They’ve also included fun and interesting holidays and more ideas to help you create some great content for not just holidays but observance days as well. There’s also ideas for helping you improve your marketing.

Oh but that’s not all. They’ve included a food and blogging idea supplement that you can start using right away. It includes 19 interesting days and themes, filled with great ideas to help you with your current content. Yes it’s all FREE! It’s not PLR but it will be a huge help to you and your business. Go on over to Food and Plenty and grab this FREE 2015 Food Blog Planner, what do you have to lose? Really a lot of if you don’t go get this because it’s all ready to use, you don’t have to waste time on organizing, planning and initiating your content for the whole year. What a time and money saver! Go ahead and pick this one up right now and have a great head start on your 2015 blog ideas and more. Need more PLR content, images and more for your food blog? Go check out all the great products Food A Plenty has to help make your blog the best it can be.

Happy Birthday Means Big Savings on PLR Plugins

First we want to wish Lynette Chandler from Plugin Mill a very Happy Birthday. We hope your day is as special as you are Lynette.

sppsocialimageNext we need to let you know that Lynette has made some changes to her PLR site. Her plugin site, Sell PLR Plugins, is now known as Plugin Mill. Nothing else has changed except the name, she still offers you some of the best WordPress Plugins around, all with PLR rights, and she still has the Plugin Club where you can get a new plugin each month as long as you remain a member. The site is really nice and we know that her content is top notch and you can count her to deliver some of the best plugins around.

She wants to celebrate her new site but more importantly her birthday with you guys. If you act quickly you can save 30% on any of her WordPress Plugins. You’ll find Link Gate, Abundant Content Loader, Instant Social Image, Spiffy Icons, Retire Posts, Count Down Timer, Easy Protect Links and so many more. These plugins are designed to help you but they also carry PLR rights so you can use them to grow your business and your customers businesses as well.

Here’s the information on how to get this Happy Birthday Means Big Savings on PLR Plugins deal. Head on over to Plugin Mill and use Coupon Code: BIRTHDAY You’ll get 30% OFF but hurry this one expires on Monday December 15, 2014. There are a number of great plugins to choose from, you can become a member of the club and get new content every month you remain a member or if you not sure you can sign up for her newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from at any time, and get a free plugin to check out. Remember she’s only changed the name. She still carries the same great content, has the same outstanding service and most important carries the same quality plugins as before. Whichever way you go don’t wait because you will miss out on a great offer. Again Happy Birthday Lynette. We hope you are enjoying your day and we wish you many, many more wonderful years to come.

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