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Good Monday morning everyone. I’m going to keep this short and too the point because there isn’t a lot of time for you to take advantage of this one! Nicole at Easy PLR is doing some house cleaning. She’s put All PLR Packages On Sale for just $5 a pack!

You can grab reports, articles and more covering a number of popular topics. She covers family, parenting, home, health, food, personal finances, weight loss and more. On the business side of things you’ll find topics that include Internet marketing, network marketing, finding and hiring Virtual Assistants, Blogs, Direct Sales, Transcriptions, Service Providers, Coaching, WAHM and more. She has a lot of great packages that just about anyone can take advantage of.

EVERYTHING is just $5. No coupon needed. She’s also offering a bulk discount. Buy $25 and get 15% off – Buy $35 or more and save 25%. The discount is automatically applied for you right in the shopping cart.

If you need PLR now’s the time to grab it. You won’t see anything like this from Nicole or probably anyone else for a very long time. Packages are selling out fast too so please don’t wait! Head on over to Easy PLR right now. This All PLR Packages On Sale won’t be around for long and I sure would hate for you to miss out on such a great opportunity!


Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR

I have spent this whole morning thinking it was Friday and wondering why there weren’t any great weekend specials coming into my inbox. I ran to the store, came back and looked at my computer and thought “hey goofy this is Thursday, get it together” LOL. So I got my act together and went looking for some cool PLR packages to post for you guys. I found 4 really good ones over at Piggy Makes Bank. They cover Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR and they are all filled with quality content that can be used in a number of different niches.

Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLRThe first pack is all about Email Engagement. We all know that email marketing is an important part of an online business. With this package of 10 articles you can help your audience learn to listen to their readers, teach them how to meet expectations, foreshadowing, how to strike a balance between free and paid content, how to leverage their customers to grow their reach and more.

They’ve also included 10 custom written social media posts to help you gain exposure and with your marketing efforts. They have this Email Engagement package priced low so don’t wait if you can use these in your business.

The next package they have for you covers the ever popular Pokémon Go App. This bundle contains 5 well written articles that will help your readers learn how they can profit of them famous new trend.

The Articles Cover:Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR

• Using It to Attract More People to A Brick and Mortar Biz
• Becoming a Pokémon Trainer
• Profiting from a Pokémon Go Blog
• Increase Income by Becoming an Affiliate Marketer
• Profit by Sharing Your Gaming Know How

There really is a lot of ways that you can make a decent income from Pokémon Go! With these articles you can teach your audience how easy it can be. Head on over and check them out. At only $5 for the whole bundle you can’t pass it up if you can use them.

Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR

They also have a Huge Smoothie PLR Bundle for you. People love smoothies and they want information on how to incorporate them into their new healthy diet. You’ll get everything you need in this one to show them how.

It contains a short report that will show your readers how they can benefit from adding smoothies to their diet. The topics include fruit smoothies, green smoothies, red smoothies, watching the sugar, making them a part of their breakfast routine, using them to slide more nutrients into their daily intake and more. There’s a lot of useful information in this report.

They also include recipes (everybody loves recipes lol), articles, product reviews and social media posts. It’s a huge package filled with everything you need to help your audience make the smoothie transition. It’s priced pretty low for all there is in it so if you can use this one head on over and check it out.

Last but not least, and truth be known probably the most important bundle they have, is their FREE School Lunch PLR. The kids are heading back to school and parents are looking for healthy lunch box ideas. In this pack you’ll get everything you need to help those parents start the school year out right.

There are 5 Free articles that cover how to pack a school lunch that kids will eat, tips to help them get organized so making those lunches will be easier, how to pack a hot lunch, creative school lunch ideas and more. PLUS, they’ve added 5 really healthy but easy recipes to get your readers started.

The Recipes Include:Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR

• Banana Burrito
• Pizza Muffins
• Calzones
• Ham Mozzarella Sticks
• Sausage & Egg Muffins

Back to school lunches can be tricky for parents especially if they want to keep them healthy. With this FREE Lunch Box PLR, you can show them how simple it can be. Plus, the recipes will get them headed in the right direction. Check these out if you can use them.

I have to tell you I’m really glad today isn’t Friday yet. I needed the extra day to get some things done. First on my list is to go check out a couple of these Email-Pokémon Go-Smoothies-FREE School Lunch PLR a little further to see if I can use any of them. I bet I grab the smoothies and FREE ones for sure. They will be a huge asset to my cooking site. If you have a few minutes today go check them out yourself. There’s bound to something there that you can use to help your customers.

Healthy PLR Deals-Smoothies or Juicing Recipe Packs


If you are looking for some healthy content for your readers, then these Healthy PLR Deals-Smoothies or Juicing Recipe Packs from Kitchen Bloggers is exactly what you need. These are on sale for just a couple of days so I won’t hold you up with a lot of information. I want you to be able to grab these great deals before it’s too late.

The Smoothie/Blender Pack contains a short report on blenders. There’s a large report called “Blending for Better Health: Healthy Strategies for Today’s Busy Lifestyle” and it covers the health benefits, choosing the right blender, busy lifestyles and the blender and more. It also contains images, a huge infographic, cover graphics and 15 smoothie recipes with recipe cards.

The Recipes Include:Healthy PLR Deals-Smoothies or Juicing Recipe Packs

• Pineapple Breeze Smoothie
• Citrus Pear Smoothie
• Strawberry Banana Smoothie
• Berry Delicious Smoothie
• Cherry-Lime Smoothie
• Apple Kale Smoothie
• Ginger Carrot Smoothie
• Beets & Berries Smoothie
• And more…

This is a great package that your people will love. Grab it for $10 off through Friday August 12. Use Coupon Code: BLENDING at checkout to get your savings.

Healthy PLR Deals-Smoothies or Juicing Recipe Packs

The other Healthy PLR Deal she has for you is on her Juicing Mega Pack. It’s also on sale for 50% off the regular price through this Friday when you use Coupon Code: GETJUICED. You’ll get a juicing recipe book filled with delicious juice recipes like Pink Passion, Orange Glow, “V12” Juice, Cucumber Curiosity, Berry Juice Explosion and more. Don’t those sound YUMMY!

She’s also added recipe card graphics, an eCover set, articles, social media graphics, images and more. It’s a huge package that you can grab for mere pennies.

If you can use either of these packages now’s the time to grab them while the price is so low. People really are searching for this type of information and the recipes will be the kicker for them. Go now before it’s too late to save big on these Healthy PLR Deals-Smoothies or Juicing Recipe Packs.

Get All The Self Help Monthly PLR Content You Need

Get All The Self Help PLR You NeedThe self-help/personal development niche is huge. People want to do better and they don’t want to pay a lot of money to do it. So what do they do? They start searching online for ways to improve their health and more. It’s a fast growing market, that can make you a lot of money, if you have the content you need. That’s where this new membership from Ruth at Content Shortcuts comes in. It’s the perfect way to Get All The Self Help Monthly PLR Content You Need each and every month.

I know many of you don’t like the idea of joining a club/membership. I understand that, I’m not a big fan either. I have joined a few, some of which I still have and some that I have cancelled. I have to admit that the ones I’ve kept have really saved me a lot of time and money. I also have to admit that it keeps me in content that I just don’t have time to create myself. This Self-Help Club from Ruth is a way for you to have all that content without the worry of “What Am I Going To Do Next.”

With this membership you’ll get an unbelievable amount of content to use to help your customers. For instance, this month her topic covers Productive Mornings. The eBook includes information on how to create morning rituals to boost energy, productivity and happiness. Things like waking up early, nourishment, to do lists, making it a habit and more.

With this club each month you’ll get a main report, eCovers, royalty free images, related articles, emails/blog posts, social media graphics, keyword research, bonus upgrades, like a worksheet or checklist and more. There’s everything you need for the entire month and best of all you don’t have to create it! Just edit it if necessary, brand it and start posting and selling it.

Ruth has a number of these type of clubs and people love them. I promise you’ll love this one too if you are in the personal development/self-help niche.

She’s doing something that she doesn’t do a lot. She’s giving you a huge discount if you jump on it NOW! Just $12 a month will get you all of this massive amount of content. The discount is only available through Friday August 12 then she’s jumping the price up significantly. She’s also add a number of great bonuses that are only available to you if you grab your membership by Friday. One other thing to note: Ruth closes these after a certain amount of time. That means there’s not a lot of this content out there and people can’t just jump in at any given time.

Now’s the chance for you to Get All The Self Help Monthly PLR Content You Need on a constant basis for a price that won’t ever be offered again. Want to check it out but aren’t sure if it’s what you need? Go ahead and sign up right now while the price is so reasonable. If it’s not what you really want, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. You can’t beat that offer!

As an affiliate marketer and an online business owner I know how hard it can be to create the content you need. It takes time, energy and yes money and it can be stressful, frustrating and downright aggravating sometimes. This is your chance to get what you need for mere pennies. I promise it’s a perfect way to save you a lot of stress, a lot of valuable time and more importantly a lot of hard earned money. Go check it out and jump on board before it’s too late.

Halloween Is Right Around The Corner-Grab PLR NOW


I don’t want to think about how fast this year is going. Seems like I was just getting excited that Spring is here. Now August is almost half over, the kids are back in school and I’m thinking about Halloween. It’s true the older we get the faster time flies or maybe the busier we get the faster time flies. I think it works both ways for me LOL. Anyway Halloween is only a couple of months away so now’s the time to start thinking about what you need to promote your sites, blogs and products. Alph Media has released a new package that can help because like it or not Halloween Is Right Around The Corner-Grab PLR NOW!

Halloween is one of the biggest holiday’s we have for making money! Everyone wants a costume, they love to decorate, they buy candy and other goodies for the trick or treaters, well the list goes on and on but it’s a sure bet if you promote anything Halloween you will make money. That’s why now’s the time to grab the PLR you need!

With this package you’ll get 20 articles that cover the hottest Halloween costumes on the market. This really is a good year for costumes. Think of all the great movies that have come out this year, the fact that it’s an election year and with Pokémon Go being so big, people are going to go crazy! They want the hottest costumes on the market. These articles can help them decide which ones will work best for them.

The Halloween Costumes Covered Include:Halloween Is Right Around The Corner-Grab Your PLR NOW

• Suicide Squad
• Star Wars
• The Walking Dead
• Pokémon Go
• Deadpool
• And More…

Each article contains 350 words and covers all the information your readers need to make the right choice for their Halloween fun. The best part is that you can use these in any number of ways to generate a nice little profit. One of the best ways is to start an Affiliate Blog. There are other ways as well. Make a report and offer them as a bonus guide or chop it up and use it for any purpose that will help you generate that income.

They have this one on a dimesale and the price goes up with every purchase so please don’t wait too long if really want this package. Halloween Is Right Around The Corner-Grab PLR NOW and get started on creating the content you need. Time is flying by and you don’t want to miss out on profiting from one of the biggest money making holidays of the year!

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